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FACILITIES OF Civil Engineering



Our department has fully outfitted laboratories. The equipments available in the laboratories are well ornate and are of the Indian Standards (IS). The Laboratories and the corresponding major Equipments are listed below:

CADD Laboratory


The CADD Lab provides adequate knowledge on the computer based Analysis, Design & Drafting to the Civil Engineering students. The Lab is well equipped with all the recent software related to Civil Engineering for advanced research and consultancy services which includes Auto CAD, STADD PRO, ANSYS 11, NISA, CATIA VS R 10, and Solid works

Concrete and Highway Laboratory


Vicat Needle Apparatus, Le Chatelier mould, Vibrating Machine, Flow Table, Blaine’s Air Permeability Apparatus for Cement Testing
Slump Cone, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Vee Bee Consistometer, CTM with 200 ton capacity, Flexure Testing Machine, Flow Table Concrete, Cylindrical moulds, Cube moulds, Prism moulds, Vibrating Table (1 m x 1 m) and Compressometer for various test on Concrete
Length Gauge, Crushing and Impact Value Apparatus, Bulk density measures, Density baskets and Test Sieves (12” dia) for a collection of test on Aggregates.
Standard Penetrometer, Tar Viscometer (4 mm and 10 mm orifice), Ductility Testing Apparatus, Marshall Stability Apparatus, Ring and Ball Apparatus and Centrifugal Extractor for a range of tests to be done on Bitumen.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Digital pH meter, Turbidity meter and Conductivity meter
Hot Air Oven and Muffle Furnace
Water bath, Warming slide, Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate and Desiccators
Jar Test Apparatus
Cod Apparatus
Kjeldhane Apparatus
BOD Incubator
Chlorine Comparator
Filtration equipment and Filter Flasks with adaptor
Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Flow measurement devices
Major & Minor Losses
Jet on Vane Apparatus
Hydraulic Machines & Pumps
Francis Turbine
Kaplan Turbine
Pelton Wheel Turbines
Centrifugal Pump (Single and Multi stage)
Reciprocating pump
Bernoulli’s theorem-Verification Apparatus

Survey Laboratory

Total Stations
Vernier Transit Theodilite along Subtense Bar and other Accessories
Different types of Levels and its Accessories
Instruments for Chaining, Compass Surveying and Plane Table Surveying

Soil Mechanics Laboratory

Soil Hydrometer and Test Sieves for fine aggregates (8” dia) along with Sieve Shaker
Liquid limit, plastic limit and Shrinkage limit apparatus for determining Atterberg’s limit
Permeability Test Apparatus (constant & falling heads)
CBR Apparatus
Proctor Compaction Apparatus (light and heavy)
Sand Pouring Cylinder and Field Density Kit
Direct Shear Apparatus, UCC Apparatus, Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus
Consolidation Three Gang Apparatus
Relative Density Apparatus
Split Spoon Sampler
Hot Air Oven

Strength of Materials Laboratory

100 Ton UTM, Computerised UTM of 60 Ton capacity and 200 Ton CTM
Torsion Testing Machine
Fatigue Testing Machine
Beam Deflection Test Apparatus
Hardness Testing Machines
Digital Vicker’s Hardness Tester
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Brinell Hardness Tester
Extensometer, Compressometer and Dial Gauges
Cement Testing
Le Chatelier’s Apparatus
Vicat’s Apparatus
Mortar Cube Moulds
Impact Testing Machine – Izod and Charpy Test

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