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Sufficient numbers of systems are available in the e-Library with Internet access facility to access the e-resources. Users can access for educational, research and development purpose. Non-book materials such as CDs, DVDs, along with the text book tutorials CDs and periodical’s CDs are also kept in the Library.

DELNET (Developing Library Network) URL

Our College Central Library is a Institutional member of DELNET.

Inter Library Loan and Document Delivery Services

DELNET is offering Inter Library Loan & Document Delivery Services to its member libraries. Any type of library material, irrespective of format, which is needed by a member-library of DELNET for reference, information, recreation, study, research, and instruction, can be borrowed from another member-library of DELNET. The lending library will determine whether the material can be provided by keeping in view of regulations or restrictions.

The Main Objectives of DELNET are:

  1. To promote sharing of resources among the libraries by developing a network of libraries, by collecting, storing and disseminating information and by offering computerized services to the users;
  2. To undertake scientific research in the area of Information Science and Technology, create new systems in the field, apply the results of research and publish them;
  3. To offer technical guidance to the member-libraries on collecting, storing, sharing and disseminating information;
  4. To coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible;
  5. To establish/facilitate the referral and /or research centres, and maintain a central online union catalogue of books, serials and non-book materials of all the participating libraries;
  6. To facilitate and promote delivery of documents manually or mechanically;
  7. To develop specialized bibliographic database of books, serials and non-book materials;
  8. To develop databases of projects, specialists and institutions;
  9. To possess and maintain electronic and mechanical equipment for speedy communication of information and delivery of electronic mail;

To coordinate with other regional, national and international networks and libraries for exchange of information and documents.


    Union Catalogue of Books
    • Union List of Periodicals
    • Union Catalogue of Periodicals
    • Database of Periodical Articles
    • CD-ROM Database
    • Database of Theses and Dissertations
    • Union List of Video Recordings
    • Union List of Sound Recordings
    • Full text Medical Books
    • Full text Medical Periodicals
    • US Patents Full Text
    • e-Journals
    • e-Books
    • GISTNIC Databases
    • Cambridge Dictionary Online
    • MEDLINE and other Databases of NLM
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