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Academic Research

  • Dr.V.Gomathi, M.Tech., Ph.D ., specialized in Video Data Analysis has 20 years of teaching and research experience. She pursued her Doctoral degree on Video Data Analysis from Anna University Chennai during the year 2011 and she has received IE(I) Young Engineer Award and Prof.H.N.Mahabala Endowment prize for her M.Tech thesis. She has published around 30 research papers in her research field both in journals / conferences.
  • She is supported by 2 Professors, 1 Associate Professor (Senior Grade), 2 Associate Professor, 8 Assistant Professors (Sr. Grade) and 17 Assistant Professors.
  • The faculty team includes 8 doctoral degree holders..

Faculty members with Ph.D and their area of specialization

S.No Name Designation Date of joining NEC Month acquiring Ph.D Field of Specialization
1 Dr.V.Gomathi Professor & Head 19.01.1998 Oct. 2011 Video Data Analysis
2 Dr.K.G.Srinivasagan Professor 19.06.1998 Oct.2009 Image Processing, Data Mining
3 Dr.V.Kalaivani Professor 11.06.1997 2011 Bioinformatics
4 Dr.K.Mohaideen Pitchai Asso.Prof (SG) 09.06.2003 May.2015 Adhoc & Sensor Networks
5 Dr.V.Kavidha Asso.Prof 21.09.2016 Mar.2016 High speed Networks
6 Dr.S.Maheswari Asso.Prof 05.06.2017 Aug. 2016 Web mining
7 Dr.M.Bhuvaneswari Asst.Prof (SG) 24.06.2005 Aug. 2019 VANET
8 Dr.V.Sivakumar Asst.Prof 05.06.2009 Aug. 2019 Adhoc Networks

Faculty members pursuing Ph.D and their area of specialization

S.No S.No Name Designation Date of Joining NEC Month of Registration Ph.D Name of the Supervisor University Specialization Current Status
1 1 Mrs.G.Sivakama Sundari Asst.Prof 01.06.2006 Jun-10 Dr.V.Seenivasagam MS University Image Processing Awaiting for viva
2 2 Mr D.Vijayakumar Asst.Prof (SG) 04.06.2010 Jul-12 Dr.K.G.Srinivasagan Anna University CSE Cloud Computing Comprehension viva completed
3 5 Mrs.M.Jaya Lakshmi Asst.Prof (SG) 13.06.2007 Jul-14 Dr.V.Gomathi Anna University Wireless sensor & Cloud Computing Awaiting for viva
4 6 Mrs.S. Kalaselvi Asst.Prof 01.06.2009 Jul-14 Dr.V.Gomathi Anna University Image Processing Comprehension viva completed
5 7 Mrs.J.Naskath Asst.Prof (SG) 07.06.2006 Jan-15 Dr.B.Paramasivan Anna University Adhoc Networks Synopsis submitted
6 9 Mr.S.Dheenathayalan Asst.Prof 16.07.2012 May-15 Dr.B.Paramasivan Anna University Wireless Network Provisional Registration Confirmed
7 10 Ms.R.Rajakumari Asst.Prof(SG) 12.05.2008 Jan-17 Dr.L.Kalaivani Anna University Imageprocessing Provisional Registration Confirmed
8 11 Ms.G.R.Hemalakshmi Asst.Prof 01.06.2009 Jun-17 Dr.D.Santhi Anna University Medical Image Processing Provisional Registration Confirmed
9 12 Ms.V.Anusuya Devi Asst.Prof 02.06.2010 Jan-18 Dr.V.Kalaivani Anna University Network Security Provisional Registration Confirmed
10 13 Ms.B.Shunmugapriya Asst. Prof 04.06.2012 Jan 2018 Dr.B.Paramasivan Anna University Wireless Body Area Network Course work completed

Full Time Ph.D Scholars(External)

Supervisor: Dr.V.Gomathi, Prof & Head/CSE

S.No Research scholar Name University Research Field Month and Year of Registration
1 Ms.V.VeeraAnusuya Anna University An Efficient Mining Technique for high Dimensional data Feb. 2016
2 Ms.K.Rathi Anna University Image Processing Jan. 2018
3 Mr. H. Muthu Mariappan Anna University Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition using Computer Vision July 2018

Supervisor: Dr.V.Kalaivani, Professor/CSE

S.No Research scholar Name University Research Field Month and Year of Registration
1 Ms.R.Lakshmidevi Anna University Medical Image Analysis Jan. 2016

Research Center

CSE Department is an approved Research Centers for Anna University since 2006.