The Civil Engineering Association (CEA) is one of the most active in National Engineering College (NEC) from 2012 onwards. It serves as a platform for students to make technical presentations, gain knowledge about recent advancements. The Association was established with a prime objective to proliferate knowledge and address industrial issues by bringing corporate, professors and students on to a common platform. CEA regularly organizes activities like technical seminars, symposiums, workshops and talks on cutting edge academic as well as innovations in industries. The association also organizes multiple site visits every year for the students, thus giving the chance to interact with key figures in the industry.

Through CEA, The department also encourages various student activities, such as technical and non technical connections, sports on weekends, and traditional day events through CEA. The association is also responsible for publication of the newsletter for highlighting the latest civil engineering innovations. CEA organizes CHISELZ, the annual festival of the Civil Engineering Department, NEC. It provides a platform to budding civil engineers across Tamilnadu to create, innovate and learn various aspects of civil engineering through competitions, events, workshops and symposiums. CHISELZ has gone on to become the undisputed front-runner among civil engineering festivals.

The department also has the Institute of Engineers (India) – Student’s Chapter and Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) as professional bodies. The department has signed MoU’s with Federation of All Civil Engineers Association and CADD Technologies, Coimbatore for Student Mentor programme, to train Civil Engineering students. It also offers consultancy services in Structural, Environmental, Survey and Geotechnical fields. Apart from these, we encourage students to participate in national and international level competitions in reputed institutions all over India.

Vision/ Motto

  • To promote academic excellence and socio-civic participation through course-linked activities that would bring up solidarity and cooperative friendships inside and outside the Institution.


  • Help our institute in providing assistance to our college-endorsed activities.
  • Support and inspire our fellow civil engineering students in cultivating our talents and abilities through active participation in the events and techfests inside and outside the Institution.

Activities conducted through the club/Association

List of activities conducted by the Association in an academic year 2022 -2023

S.NO Date Activity Particulars No. of Participants
1 2030-08-20 Association Inaugural Function 190
2 2010-09-20 Department Events Paper presentation, Connection Events & Fine Arts Club Events 125
3 2017-09-20 Founder’s Day Celebration Events - Elocution, Poster Presentation, Ready to Troll & Quiz 0
4 2022-09-20 Total Station and its Applications 26
5 2015-11-20 Chiselz V6 - Technical Symposium Events 67
6 2015-11-20 Workshop 1 - 3D Sketchup & Lumion 58
7 2016-11-20 Chiselz V6 - Non Technical events 56
8 2016-11-20 Workshop 2 - Standard Penetration Test 41
9 2021-01-20 Guest Lecture on “Advanced Techniques and materials used for the consumptive use of Electrical Energy in Buildings” 125
10 2027-01-20 Alumni Interaction from Elite Construction - Project Engineer 0


S.No Member Position Members
1 No. of student volunteers : 32
2 Duration of Membership : 3 Years
3 President : Mr.R.Thanga Nishal (IV Year) 
4 Vice President : Mr.C.Ranjith Kumar (III Year)
5 Secretary : Mr.T.Abishek (IV Year)
6 Joint Secretary : Ms.M.Akalya Lakshmi (III Year)
7 Treasurer : Mr.N.Heman (IV Year)
8 Co- Treasurer : Mr.M.Ganesa Moorthy (III Year)
9 Advisor : Mr.S.Sudarsh (IV Year)
10 Co- Advisor : Mr.K.Sivanesh (III Year)

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