sponsored research

Ongoing Research Projects

S.No S.No Title of the Project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Amount Period Status Department
1 3 Fund for improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST) Dr.S.Shanmugavel, Principal, NEC Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Dean, (R&D) DST-FIST 43,00,000.00 2018-2023 Ongoing NEC
2 4 Development and Analysis of Finite Automata based Public Key Cryptographic Schemes PI : Dr. K.Mohaideen Pitchai, Asso.Prof (SG) / CSE, Co-PI: Dr. M.Bhuvaneswari, Asst.Prof (SG) / CSE DRDO – CARS 978835 2020-2022 Ongoing CSE
3 5 Investigation on Crashworthiness Characteristics of Bio-Inspired Thin-Walled Conical Tubular Members PI: Dr: M.Kathiresan, Asso.Prof / MECH Co.PI: Dr. R.Harichandran, Asso.Prof / MECH DST-SERB 3876550 2021-2024 Ongoing MECH
4 6 An intelligent Device to classify organic and non-organic fruit and vegetables items using Destructive infrared Thermography Technique Dr. A. Saravanaselvan Ass.Prof (SG)/ECE MSME innovative 900000 2021-2022 Ongoing ECE
5 7 Denoising Algorithm for Noise reduction in MEMS Sensors Dr. Willjuice lruthayarajan (PI), Dr. B. Vigneshwaran (Co. PI) and Mr. M. Sivapalanirajan (Co. PI) ISRO Rs.18,90,960/- 2022-2023 Ongoing EEE

Completed Research Projects

S.No S.No Title of the Project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Amount Period Department
1 14 Design and development of large diameter slewing ring bearings for fast breeder reactors Dr.K.Manisekar Prof. & Head / CMS Co-I: Mr.M.Kathiresan AP(SG)/Mech BRNS 21,47,100.00 2006-2009 Mech
2 15 Prediction and control of distortion in components during hard facing. Dr.D.Ravindran Prof. & Head/ Mech. Co-I:Dr.S.L.Mannan Dean (R&D) BRNS 20,14,600.00 2008-2010 Mech
3 16 Super plastic diffusion bonding of titanium sheet with austenitic stainless steel. Dr.D.Ravindran Prof. & Head/ Mech. Co-I:Dr.T.Vigraman AP(SG)/Mech. AICTE (RPS) 6,30,000.00 2008-2010 Mech
4 17 Labview Integrated Performance Monitoring and Analyzing Energy Data of Co-Located PV Power Plants with Different Technologies. Dr.K.KalidasaMurugavel Prof.& Head/MECH AICTE (RPS) 12,50,000.00 2013 -2016 Mech
5 18 Experimental Study on Solar Steam Generation System with Compressed Water Thermal Energy Storage System Dr.K.KalidasaMurugavel Prof.& Head/MECH DST/SERI 38,91,000.00 2014-2016 Mech
6 19 Optimization of grain size for improving fatigue strength of 304 Hcu Dr.D.Ravindran Co-PI:Dr.S.L.Mannan BRNS 33,52,500.00 2014-2017 Mech
7 20 Modernisation and upgradation of IC and Microprocessors Lab Dr.A.Shenbagavalli Prof. & Head / ECE AICTE (MODROBS) 12,00,000.000 2013-2014 ECE
8 21 Study on Non Cooperative target Classification algorithm using Statistical techniques Dr.A.Shenbagavalli, Prof. & Head/ECE Co – I:Mr.V.R.S.Mani, Asso.Prof/ECE DRDO 9,85,000.00 2017 - 2018 ECE
9 22 Artificial Intelligence based Computer Aided Detection for Medical Application Dr.A.Shenbagavalli Prof. & Head / ECE Co-I: Dr. M.Sundaram AP(SG) / ECE IGCAR 15,83,040.00 2012-2015 ECE
10 23 Fully Automated Coconut harvesting Machine Dr.S.Tamilselvi Professor/ECE Co-I:Mr.N. Arumugam, Asso. Prof./ECE Mr. T. Devakumar, Asst.Prof.(SG)/ECE DST (TDT) 24,41,360.00 2015-2019 ECE

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