S.No S.No Nature of program Title Funding Agency & Amount Coordinator Year Amount Received
1 201 National Conference ENIAC’11 BRNS, New Delhi Dr.D.Manimegalai, Mr.S.Sankar ganesh 2011 Rs.25000
2 202 National Workshop Research & Pragmatic Issues of Cloud Computing Genomic Analysis in Bioinformatics Application DBT,NewDelhi Dr.D.Manimegalai, Mr.M.Kaliappan, Mr.S.Vimal 2013 Rs.50,000
3 203 National Level Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp DST (NSTEB) in collaboration with EDII Mr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal 2013 Rs.13,500
4 204 International Conference ENIAC’14 Courseeplus, Chennai Dr.D.Manimegalai, Dr.S.Sankar ganesh, Mrs.A.H.Ragamathunisha Begam 2014 Rs 40,000
5 205 National Workshop Research Approaches and Contemporary Issues of Functional Genomics, Proteomics & Micro array biological Modeling using machine learning in Bioinformatics Applications DBT,NewDelhi Mr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal 2014 Rs.40,000
6 206 AU sponsored FDP “IT2401-service oriented architecture ANNA UNIVERSITY Dr.D.Manimegalai, Mr.M.Kaliappan, Mr.S.Vimal 13-10-2014 to 17-10-2014 Rs.60,000
7 207 Seminar Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp DST (NSTEB) in collaboration with EDII Mr.K.Kaliappan, Mr.S.Vimal 2015 Rs.20,000
8 208 FDP Web Programming – Anna university ANNA UNIVERSITY, Chennai Dr.D.Manimegalai, Dr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal, Ms.P.Subbulakshmi 06.06.2016 to 12.06.2016 Rs.16500
9 209 FDP “Data Science Research and Bigdata Analytics” AICTE,New Delhi Dr.D.Manimegalai, Dr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal, Ms.P.Subbulakshmi 11.12.2017 To 23.12.2017 Rs.3,25,000/-
10 210 FDP GE8151- Problem Solving and Python Programming Anna University Chennai Dr.D.Manimegalai, Dr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal 04.06.2018 to 11.06.2018 Rs.16,500/-

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