S.No S.No Name of the program Title Funding Agency & Amount Coordinator Year Amount Received
1 201 FDTP CS8091-Big Data Analytics Center for Faculty Development,Anna University,Chennai Dr.Jerart Julus,Dr.V.Jackins 03.01.2022 to 08.01.2022 Rs.30000
2 202 National Conference ENIAC’11 BRNS, New Delhi Dr.D.Manimegalai, Mr.S.Sankar ganesh 2011 Rs.25000
3 203 National Workshop Research & Pragmatic Issues of Cloud Computing Genomic Analysis in Bioinformatics Application DBT,NewDelhi Dr.D.Manimegalai, Mr.M.Kaliappan, Mr.S.Vimal 2013 Rs.50,000
4 204 National Level Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp DST (NSTEB) in collaboration with EDII Mr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal 2013 Rs.13,500
5 205 International Conference ENIAC’14 Courseeplus, Chennai Dr.D.Manimegalai, Dr.S.Sankar ganesh, Mrs.A.H.Ragamathunisha Begam 2014 Rs 40,000
6 206 National Workshop Research Approaches and Contemporary Issues of Functional Genomics, Proteomics & Micro array biological Modeling using machine learning in Bioinformatics Applications DBT,NewDelhi Mr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal 2014 Rs.40,000
7 207 AU sponsored FDP “IT2401-service oriented architecture ANNA UNIVERSITY Dr.D.Manimegalai, Mr.M.Kaliappan, Mr.S.Vimal 13-10-2014 to 17-10-2014 Rs.60,000
8 208 Seminar Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp DST (NSTEB) in collaboration with EDII Mr.K.Kaliappan, Mr.S.Vimal 2015 Rs.20,000
9 209 FDP Web Programming – Anna university ANNA UNIVERSITY, Chennai Dr.D.Manimegalai, Dr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal, Ms.P.Subbulakshmi 06.06.2016 to 12.06.2016 Rs.16500
10 210 FDP “Data Science Research and Bigdata Analytics” AICTE,New Delhi Dr.D.Manimegalai, Dr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal, Ms.P.Subbulakshmi 11.12.2017 To 23.12.2017 Rs.3,25,000/-