Readers Park

Readers Park

Reading is creative, mind expanding, adventurous and exciting activity. Through reading we can experience what it is like to be somebody else in a different age, culture, in a different society, another part of the world, another time in history. Readers embark on a journey every time they open a book.


Enriching the knowledge and attitude of the students through reading and analyzing quality books, articles and journals.


  • To motivate the students to gain knowledge via the art of reading.
  • To develop interest in reading via organizing various activities.
  • To create opportunities for students to inculcate the reading habits.
  • To transform the lives by reading inspiring books.


  • To motivate the members become voracious readers.
  • To develop communication skills.
  • To develop their Personal skills in various environments.
  • To develop their attitude and make them optimists.
  • To promote the usage of Library resources.
  • To transform the community by reading inspiring books.
  • To channelize the human energies.

Membership Enrollment

All the students from our college who are determined to enhance their reading skill, who factually run with the latest current affairs and interested in having an interdisciplinary knowledge on various aspects are encouraged to enroll in Readers Park. No restricted number for the membership.


Members of the Readers Park will meet once in a week, during which presentation / discussion based on the trends of different topics will be held. Presentation will be on the information about the current and emerging trends in various technical levels, Inspiring books. Articles read by the members can be shared among the park members. Interested students from various branches can attend and update their knowledge in all the fields.


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