Students (current and prospective)

It is that time of your life where the next few decisions will affect your future. Picking the right college will be the most important task you have at hand today. The college you pick is where you will spend the next four years. This time period will set tone for your path into the future.

Colleges are created entirely for the benefit of students, who in turn make the world a better place to live in. You are the future of the world, and we provide you with the best nourishment and experience to prepare you for what is coming tomorrow.

Education is not just about collecting but applying knowledge. NEC has the facilities to bring together talents and technology to create world-changing inventions. / NEC has the facilities to merge your talents and skills with technology to create world-changing inventions.

We help you make adequate preparations for you to reach your goals.

Statistics state that over 80% of students (engineers) are rendered unemployable because they lack the key skills needed. We ensure that during the course of your study with us, you are qualified with exactly what you need and more to not only live in the world, but to be successful in it.

We offer various facilities that will help you groom yourselves into the future that you see yourselves as.

Personalize your future with us. Tell us who you want to be and we will guide you through your journey.