e-Learning Management System (e-LMS)

e-learning encompasses research, learning and teaching in the digital environment’, where students have access to courses offered online with instruction and course materials, instructors notes, course topics, and discussion forums.

In Central Library, e-Learning Management System (e-LMS) has been introduced through
e- Learning Management System (e-LMS) that customizes the content for NPTEL Videos and College contents such us e-journals, e-books and question bank etc. with e–LMS, we can access NPTEL Videos through a web interface from Library without connecting to internet. e-LMS contains a http video streaming facility. NPTEL Videos are indexed in this LMS and can be searched with various keywords.
e-LMS facilitates On-line journal link (IEEE and Science Direct), e-Books, e-Question bank facilities.
In addition to that, Local Guru offers the facility for GATE preparation (Entrance exam for IITs and eligibility test for all Public Sector companies) in India.
User Analytics, monitor usage and performance, add questions and conduct exams through LAN, video & text content upload option and also add/delete content through admin module.