e-Learning Management System (e-LMS)

e-Learning encompasses research, learning and teaching in the digital environment, where students have access to courses offered online with instruction and course materials, instructors’ notes, course topics, and discussion forums.


A Sufficient numbers of systems are available in the e-Library section with an Internet access facility to access the e-resources. Users can access it for educational, research and development purposes. Non-book materials such as CDs, DVDs, textbook tutorial CDs and periodical CDs are also kept in the Library.


The Central Library subscribes to Pearson e-Books, Science Direct (Elsevier) – Engineering and Computer Science Online Journals, IEEE (ASPP) Core Collection of Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science online journals, EBSCO Engineering Core Collections of e-Books and Institutional members of DELNET, NDLI Club and N-LIST.

Pearson e-Books:

NEC Central Library has subscribed to Pearson e-books offer an extensive collection of resources in various fields including Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology.

Access Credentials :
For Pearson eLibrary 2.0 :

URL     :  https://elibrary.in.pearson.com/
Username   :  Our College Domain Mail ID (i.e. [email protected])
Password :   NEClibrary@123

For Mobile users :

Downloading the Pearson e-library 2.0 App from Play Store / Google Store

URL     : https://bit.ly/necmobilelibrary
Credentials  : Use the same login credentials as for access through Mobile App
  • Science Direct (Elsevier)
  1.  Elsevier AICTE package covered 376 Engineering and Computer Science Online journals articles + back files access from 2000 onwards through www.sciencedirect.com
  2. Online access to the content of the Science Direct platform via our institution’s IP addresses and remote access using our college domain User ID and Password.
  3. Science Direct (Elsevier) online journals subscribed from 2012 to till date
  1. IEEE Xplore digital library, provides online access to the IEEE core collection of engineering, electronics, and computer science periodicals. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org
  2. Online access via our institution’s IP addresses and remote access using our college domain User ID and Password.
  3. 162 online IEEE Society – sponsored Journals, Magazines and Transactions
  4. A back file from 2005 onwards. Fast, custom search interface with facets, save searches, e-mail alerts, RSS feeds and more.
  5. IEEE ASPP online journals subscribed from 2009 to till date
  • EBSCO Engineering Core Collection of e-Books
  1. The EBSCO Engineering core collections of e-Books available at https://search.ebscohost.com/
  2. Online access via our institution’s IP addresses and remote access using our college domain User ID and Password.
  3. More than 6,600 e-books covering topics such as energy sciences, industrial safety, material science, optics and photonics, project management, robotics and more.
  4. EBSCO Engineering Core Collection e-Books subscribed from March 2022.

Remote Access

The IEEE (ASPP) & Science Direct (Elsevier) online Journals and EBSCO Engineering core collections of e-Books have remote access to all the students and the faculty members


How to Remote Access IEEE Xplore Anywhere and Anytime?
Step – 1 : Please visit the IEEE Xplore Digital Library at  https://ieeexplore.ieee.org
Step – 2 : Click the institutional sign-in and select sign in with username and password 
Step – 3 : Use the below Username and Password
Username  :  0NYo0m0V
Password  :  6NFLVg1u

  • Science Direct (Elsevier)

How to Remote Access Science Direct (Elsevier) Anywhere and Anytime?
Step – 1 : Open the Science Direct www.sciencedirect.com
Step – 2 : Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Remote access
Step – 3 : Enter our College e-mail ID and click on Continue. A confirmation email will be sent.
Step – 4 : Open the email and click the link to Activate your remote access
Step – 5 : Now you are ready to access Science Direct from any device from anywhere
Step – 6 : Just open www.sciencedirect.com and sign in with your e-mail address and password
For more details:  Remote Access Science Direct (Elsevier)

  • EBSCO Engineering core collections of e-Books

The EBSCO Engineering core collections of e-Books provides remote access credentials to all students & faculty members.
Access URL  :  https://search.ebscohost.com/
User ID    :   nec
Password   :  Library@2022 (Password is case sensitive)

For more details for access  :   Remote Access EBSCO E-Books
Download the EBSCO Mobile App from Google Play or App Store. 

Local Guru Federated Search

It can also provide federated search in Science Direct and IEEE online journals, NPTEL Videos, Open Source e-Books, e-Question banks etc. In addition to that, e-LMS offers the facility to access materials for NPTEL and GATE ECE & CSE. URL  :

INFED Federated Single Sign-on Framework

The INDIAN Access Management Federation (INFED), INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat have been providing seamless access to e-resources from anywhere, anytime to the Users. The users can access multiple e-resources within a federated single sign-on framework.
The NEC Central Library subscribes to the following e-Resources:

  • IEEE (ASPP) e-Journals
  • Elsevier (Science Direct) Engineering and Computer Science e-Journals
  • EBSCO Engineering Core eBooks

To access these resources, please visit:https://idp.nec.edu.in/
Your remote access credentials are as follows:
Username  :  [email protected] [Please use our college domain email ID]
Password  :  NEClibrary
It is also recommended to change your password at https://idp.nec.edu.in/password/

Institutional Memberships

  • DELNET (Developing Library Network)
  1. NEC Central Library is an Institutional member of DELNET, New Delhi. URL: www.delnet.in
  2. DELNET is offering Inter Library Loan & Document Delivery Services to its member Libraries. Any type of library material, irrespective of format, which is needed by a member Library of DELNET for reference, information, recreation, study, research, and instruction can be borrowed from another member Library of DELNET.
  3. The lending library will determine whether the material can be provided by following the regulations or restrictions.
  4. DELNET Institutional Membership from 2004 to till date
  • N-LIST
  1. The National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST) through INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat.
  2. N-LIST provides access to 6,150 e-Journals and 31,64,309 e-Books through the INFLIBNET’s proxy server at http://nlist.inflibnet.ac.in
  3. Remote access using registered User ID and Password

  • National Digital Library of India (NDLI)
  1. National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is a virtual repository of learning resources. This is not just a repository with searching / browsing facilities, it also provides a host of services for the learner community
  2. NDL India is designed to hold the content of any language. It is being arranged to provide support for all academic levels including researchers and lifelong learners of all disciplines, all popular form of access devices at https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in
  3. It is sponsored and mentored by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, through its NMEICT. And it is developed, operated and maintained by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
  • National Digital Library of India Club (NDLI Club)
  1. NDLI Club is a platform for conducting learning-oriented events, both online and offline, for students of an institute using the contents of NDLI and experts to deliver talks or conduct sessions.

YouTube Channel

NEC Central Library Readers Park Events / Activities shown on https://bit.ly/readerspark

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