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The Department of Science and Humanities consists of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English disciplines. All the disciplines in the department exist as a separate division and maintain individual identity. The department comprises of highly qualified, experienced and goal oriented members with specialization in various fields. Besides OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION, the department inculcates VALUE BASED EDUCATION. Developing the moral behaviour among the students, utilizing the human resources and coordinating academic responsibilities are the exclusive potentials of the department. The department regularly organizes workshops, symposia and conferences in new emerging areas for the benefit of the students, researchers, faculty members and industrialists. The Chemistry Research Centre of the department is recognized and approved by Anna University, Chennai.


The chemistry discipline in Science and Humanities Department provides the highest quality of academic education and vibrant faculty members involved in teaching and research activities. The thrust areas of research are organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and environmental studies. Solar material, sensor material, biomaterial, computational chemistry and water analysis are the interested topics of research.

The faculty members periodically present research papers at National and International seminars and conferences. We nurture our students, help them and mould them into responsible engineers. Visual teaching/learning aids and learning resource materials are available and our chemistry laboratories are well-equipped. We have organized several conferences and workshops as extension activities.


The main objective of the discipline is to improve the communication skills of the students and make them effective for global survival. The faculty members of English strive hard to nurture self-pride and self-identity of the students’ linguistic and cultural heritage, especially for the students from rustic milieu. This mission becomes doable through the full-fledged Multimedia Language Lab consisting of 65 systems.

Exquisite language proficiency boosting software like TOEFL Mastery, Globarena, Orell digital Language Lab (Odll), etc., are installed in the newly designed English Language Lab. It leads the students to enhance the pronunciation and to confront interviews with poise. Business English Certificate (BEC), International English Language Testing System (IELTS) courses and Communication Enhancement classes are being conducted for the students to excel in their high prospective global career.


The faculties of Mathematics are imparting rich knowledge to UG and PG students in Graph Theory, Operation Research, Queuing Theory, Random Process, Mathematical transformations, Differential equations, Calculus etc., They play a vital role in building students’ confidence and fear-free problem solving capability. Certified course on aptitude is being conducted for improving their proficiency in order to get placement in reputed companies.

The core objectives of the department are to impart students with logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills; to equip them with more technological skills and scientific computing techniques based on mathematical methods; to introduce realistic application of Mathematics in related sciences; and to enable the students to appreciate the intrinsic aspects of Mathematics.


Devoted, enthusiastic and energetic faculty members are involved in teaching and research activities. The faculty members of Physics are working towards fostering a scientific temperament and guiding the students in Applied Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Solid State Devices and Materials Science.

They are making the students to realize their contribution in technical field and research areas. The research work is progressing in the field of crystallography, crystal growth, thin films and nano materials. The spacious and well set Physics laboratory helps the students to gain thorough knowledge about the experiments.

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