Mechanical Research projects

Research projects

S.No Name of the faculty Title of the projects Funding Agency Duration Amount (Rs) Status
1 Principal Investigator: Dr.K.Manisekar Co- Investigator: Mr.M.Kathiresan Design and Development of large diameter Slewing ring bearing for FPR BRNS 3 Yrs 21,47 (2006-2009) Completed
2 Principal Investigator: Dr.D.Ravindran Co- Investigator: Mr. D.Venkatkumar Prediction and control of distortion in components during hard facing BRNS 2 yrs 19,63 (2008-2010) Completed
4 Principal Investigator: Dr.D.Ravindran Co- Investigator: Mr.T.Vigraman Super plastic diffusion bonding of austenitic stainless steel with titanium alloy AICTE 2 Yrs 63,00 (2008-2010) Completed
5 Principal Investigator: Dr.D.Ravindran Optimization of grain size for improving fatigue strength of 304 HCU BRNS 3 Yrs 33.525,00 (2013-2016) Completed
6 Principal Investigator: Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Lab view Integrated Performance Monitoring and Analyzing Energy Data of Co-Located PV Power Plants with Different Technologies AICTE/RPS 3 Yrs 125,00 (2013-2016) Completed
7 Principal Investigator: Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Experimental Study on Solar Steam Generation System with Compressed Water Thermal Energy Storage System DST / SERI 2 Yrs 40,00 (2014-2017) Completed
8 Principal Investigator: Dr.M.Kathiresan Co-Investigator: Dr.R.Harichandran Investigation on Crashworthiness Characteristics of Bio-Inspired Thin-Walled Conical Tubular Members SERB 3 Yrs 387.655,00 On going

Patent Received

S.No S.No Name of the Inventor(s) Title of the Patent Details of the Patent
1 1 Dr.K.Manisekar, Prof.& Head / Mech. Dr.M.Kathiresan, Asso. Prof./Mech. B.Ganapathy Ram, Asst. Prof. / ECE K.R.Praveen Krishna M.Pravin M.Subramani A.Sakthi Eco Friendly Peanut Candy Making Machine Patent No.393303
2 2 Dr.M.Kathiresan, Asso. Prof./Mech. Mosquitoes and Bugs Attracting, Trapping and Killing Device Design No. 325625-001
4 3 Mr.R.Vijaya Kumar Assistant Professor (SG) / Mech. Solid Waste Collecting System for Open Sewage Design No. 285447

Research Centers

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