• This lab is equipped with adequate number of Function Generators/Audio Oscillators, Dual Trace Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes and Regulated Power Supplies (fixed and variable).

  • The lab is used to study, design and construct electronic circuits using Analog/Digital ICs. The students perform various experiments in mathematical operations, filters, oscillators, data converters, comparators, multiplexers, flip-flops, counters, shift registers, sequence detectors, waveform generators using analog /digital ICs. In order to understand the basic concepts in analog/digital ICs, this lab is equipped with Universal IC tester, IC trainer kits, Function generators-1 MHz, Storage Oscilloscopes -50 MHz, CROs -25 MHz, Storage Oscilloscopes – 50 MHz, Fixed and Variable Power supplies.

  • DSP lab is well equipped with 40 numbers of high performance intel core i5 & i7 systems with internet connectivity. Software packages such as MATLAB R2018A, LabVIEW, MultiSim, ORCAD Capture PSpice, Easy PC, Top view simulator, Visual C++ and Code Composer Studio are installed in the systems. Real time signal/image processing studies are carried out using Embedded Target Board TMS320C6711/6713/6416/6748 Processors with state-of-the-art Image Daughter card

  • In this lab AM,FM,PM,ASK,FSK,PSK Modulation kits, TDM kit, sample and hold kit,60MHz, Digital storage Oscilloscopes, X band and J band Microwave Test benches, Fiber Optic analog and digital link kits, Optical fiber connectrorization and splicing accessories and Video Link fiber optic kit with TV are available.

  • VLSI Lab consists of 40 Pentium Desktop computer systems with LCD Projector and Printer connected together by LAN. To meet out the recent trends in IC design, this lab is equipped with the following software and hardware tools. CADENCE Perceptual licenced tool, Quartuz II SOPC Builder Tool, Xilinx VLSI Software – foundation series 5.1i, Xilinx Software System edition Ver.11.1,. Hardware equipment available: Xilinx Spartan 3 /Spartan 3E FPGA Trainer Kit, Xilinx make Universal FPGA Trainer Kits., Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) Trainer kit, Universal Trainer Model MXUK, Universal VLSI Trainer Kit, Universal Multi vendor Development Kit, Altera make Cyclone III FPGA trainer Kits, Altera make Cyclone V FPGA trainer Kits with SOPC Builder, ZYNQ FPGA Development Board, Gensys Virtex 5 FPGA Development Board, Automatic Test Engineering Training Kids.
    This lab was upgraded by AICTE, New Delhi sponsored MODROBS scheme during the academic year 2013-2014 for the worth of Rs.12 lakhs.

  • Networks lab offers an impression of networking and how network security strategies are deployed to address the availability pillar of the CIA triad.
    A well-equipped and fully air-conditioned Networks Lab is provided with Fedora Linux Server, Routers, Switches, Hubs, 42-inch Smart TV, Wall mounted projector, Benchmark LAN trainer kits and highly configured i5 Intel systems loaded with Fedora.
    All the systems are connected in LAN for 39 students loaded with Networking and Security tools like Wireshark, Cisco Packet tracer, VMware Workstations, VM-Box, Sys-Internals Suite, Nmap, Snort, NS2 Simulator etc., offers the students the possibility to understand different offensive cyber security activities, to detect ongoing attacks and also to perform defensive actions.
    To equip the students with the latest cutting-edge technologies, the students are offered with Value added courses such as Cyber Security and Python Programming. The Special Interest Groups for Networking and Cyber Security provides a wider platform for the students to explore their technical skills in their specific area of interest. InfoSec – Industry oriented Cyber Security Training Classes and internship opportunities offered by the department equips the student’s industry ready.

  • This Lab is equipped with higher end processors based systems which enable students to design Processor specific embedded system with added intelligence. The major equipments available are ARM 7 Embest Teaching kit, ARM 9 Embest Teaching kit, Tiny 2440 (ARMII) kit, LPC 21XX Philips Development kit, SBC 6 XXX Samsung development kit, MCB 1857 Cortex M3 kit, Cortex M4 deb.board (Bigger), MSP430 Development boards, Dev.kit 8700 (OMAP 3750) kit, PSoC Development kits, ARM 9-LPC 2929 Evaluation Board, RL-78 Renesas Evaluation Board, Also this lab has respective IDEs for each processor families such as CROSS Works for MSP 430, CROSS Works for ARM 7, Cube suite, PSoC creator, IAR workbench for MSP430, Keil version- 4 Professional, SAND TIGER Board, SEGGER emPower Board, Intel NUC Board.
    Evening training programs and periodical workshops on various higher end processors have been conducted in this laboratory for the technical knowledge updation of the students.

  • This lab has various types of microprocessor, micro controller trainer kits along with interfacing modules to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors. The facilities in the laboratory enable students to build a firm background in microprocessor hardware as well as software. Students learn about assembly language programming, CPU, memory and I/O design, interfacing of programmable chips and peripherals such as stepper motors, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters etc. They acquire the practical skills sufficient to design and realize basic microprocessor based systems.
    Microprocessor kit (8085), Microprocessor kit (8086), Microcontroller kit (8051), Interface boards such as PPI, DMA Controller, Interrupt Controller, Timer, ADC, DAC, Serial Communication, Stepper Motor, Traffic Control, Keyboard and display control, PC based interface, Oscilloscopes, Function generator, power supply, RS 232c cable & connector, Universal programmer.

  •    e-Yantra lab encourages a “Can-do” attitude amongst students, that prepares them for a career in research or as technology entrepreneurs students are encouraged to use robots to solve “real-life problems”. The main aim is to achieve a sustainable and scalable solution for better engineering education in our college. The major equipments are Firebird V Robot, Spark V Robot, AT Mega 2560 Development Board, PS9V51 Development Board, Arduino Mega 2560 Board, Robotic Arm – 2 -axis, 4-axis, Parallel Gripper, Metal gear Servo motor, Gps interfacing module for the robot, Raspberry pi board, AVR ISP USB Programmer, Zigbee module, USB TV Tuner for interfacing wireless camera with labtop, Two Axis camera pod with wireless camera.

  • Industry oriented chip testing lab is established on 17th March 2017. Tessolve Semiconductor Test Engineering Lab includes STE-SDC coursework and ADM’s LG Lite ATE, Universal load boards, test scripts and laboratory materials. After successfully obtaining the STE-SDE certification by Tessolve, the students are able to demonstrate proficiency in Test methodologies like test program development and troubleshooting skills for digital IC’s. These added skills are useful for the students in getting placement.

  • Product development Centre is established in the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering during the year 2017 to provide nurturing environment to the students to convert their innovative ideas in to products. It is equipped with equipments to develop products related to assistive devices, health care, agri-tech, clean technology and Internet of Things (IoT) based system design. Through this centre the students are disseminating their core knowledge in developing products in various competitions like Hackathons and getting recognitions. This centre is utilized for regular curricular activities such as product development laboratory, mini project and main project.

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