S & H Bridge Course

Bridge Course / Orientation Programme / Counselling

NEC renders first-rate prospect for the freshman crew to instigate their professional elegance of life. Here is a glimpse of how our department’s goings-on which laced our fame. Bridge courses provided, outspreads the serving hand to equip the students with readiness for college life which enables them to make friends with fellow incoming freshmen and build a network of peers even before they start classes. The course is designed to jumpstart their skills and to get them prepared for the competitive environment of a top-tier, research institution. Throughout the semesters of first year, more programming like GATE coaching, Aptitude training, BEC courses and Orientation programmes are provided to make them getting prepared for graduate education, involving in research, career and internship preparation, etc. which in turn will build their resume and portfolio for future internships.

Tutor system practiced, spot lights the full spectrum of our institution’s quality and its involvement on the individuals. Tutor system, with an assemblage of twenty wards to an individual tutor, primes them in the correct track by guiding in all aspects especially to enrich their survival

The first year Motivational and Orientation Programmes are as follows:

1 23.08.2017 Orientation Programme Dr. P. Essakkimuthu, Chief Scientist, RiverSilica Technologies, Bangalore. Mrs. P. Gomathy
2 01.08.2016 to 05.08.2016 Pre - Engineering Programme Dr. JeyVeerasamy, Sr. Lecturer, The University of Texas, Dallas, USA Dr. S.S. Mariappan
Dr. V. Kalaivani
Mrs. P. Gomathy
3 04.11.2015 Orientation Programme Mr. Jayaprakash Gandhi Mrs. P. Gomathy
Mrs. T. RathiMunisri
4 15.09.2015 Unnai Arindal (Motivational Programme) Dr. K.G. Srinivasan Head, Training Counseling and Placement Cell, NEC Mrs. S.D. Selvasundari
5 26.11.2014 One day orientation programme for all First year B.E/B.Tech students. Mr. Somavalliappan Educationist, Chennai Mr. M. Arul
6 30.10.2014 One day orientation programme for all First year B.E/B.Tech students Mr. Jayaprakash Gandhi Educational analyst and Career Consultant Mr. R. Sankardoss
7 16.09.2013 One Day Orientation Programme Mr. JeyaPrakash A Gandhi Mr. S. Chithirai Kumar
Ms. S. Priya
8 01.03.2013 A One Day Orientation Programme for I Year B.E / B.Tech Students Mr. JeyaPrakash A Gandhi, Educational Analyst & Career Consultant. Mrs. S. Rajeswari
Mr. S. Thalamuthu
Ms. S. Deepa