MoU – CSE Department

Sumtwo Softwares Pvt Ltd, Madurai

The prime objective of the initiative is to provide students an opportunity to get real time exposure and experience in end-end Software Development/services, before they face the real time industrial challenges after graduating from their respected institutions.

Each student will be engaged in the various levels of Software Development/services Process for 2 years from V semester to VIII Semester. Various stages of the Incubation Process is depicted as shown below

Software Development/services Process will be on the following focus areas

  • Application Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Bigdata Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Testing
ReCodem Pvt Ltd, Tirunelveli

Codem build up world-class eCommerce implementations from Front-End to Order Management, CRM and supply chain applications. It provides the technical training for the selected students of NEC and support the students by providing the internship and industry projects in the area of eCommerce and Web Technology.

During 7th Semester students will be trained in the respective domain and in 8th semester they will be offered with internship cum placement.
Around 15 students from 7th semester will be benefited in the training phase and 6 to 7 of them will be offered with internship and placement.
Last year 4 students were undergone internship in web designing and product development and got placement.

Adroit Soft India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

To provide an industrial competency skill development for their students by establishing an innovation centre in the area of information and communication technology. Adroit Soft has agreed to provide the necessary assistance in the form of internship to incubate the students of NEC accordingly NEC has agreed to facilitate and register eligible and interested Adroit Soft employees for research work in information and communication technology areas.


  • One week Industrial Know-How Training Programme on “BlockChain Technology” at Adroit Soft India Pvt., Ltd., Chennai by two of our faculty members Dr.K.Mohaideen Pitchai, Associate Professor (SG) and Dr.S.Ananthakumaran, Associate Professor from 25.06.2018 to 30.06.2018.’
  • Made a MoU with this company on during first week of July 2018.
  • 12 Students were attended training programme for a duration of three months in the evening from 4.30 PM to 6.00 PM. This training is provided by Mr.V.Rajendran, CEO of this company through Skype.
  • hree final year students got placement offer in this company as per their good performance during the training programme.
  • The placed students are
    1. Ms.R.Shri Vishnu Bharathi
    2. Ms.HA.Shantha Vidhuthra
    3. Ms.N.Gomathi Meena
UiPath Academy,USA

The prime objective of the initiative is to provide students an opportunity to get real time exposure and experience in Robotic Process Automation.By understanding the place of RPA in the Digital Transformation Era, experiencing some of the basic UiPath automation activities and learn about the UiPath Community Ecosystem.Train the students towards global certification in the domain of RPA and AI Technologies.


NEC became partner of “UiPath Academic Alliance” with UiPath Academy, USA to promote knowledge in emerging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for 2 Years since August 2019.The Adjunct Faculty, Mr.K.Manikandaraman, CTS, Chennai provides the training with hands on sessions for Robotic Process Automation course on Saturdays to 30 students.o Maintain 1 to 2 educators committed to driving RPA/AI technologies throughout the engagement.o Consider including relevant UiPath courses in regular curricula either as required or as an elective(earning credits upon successful completion).• The following faculty members are getting training under UiPath on RPA as

  • Instructional Lead
    1. Dr.V.Gomathi, Prof. & Head / CSE
  • Educator Members
    1. Ms.R.Rajakumari, AP(SG) / CSE
    2. Mr.D.Vijayakumar, AP(SG) / CSE
    3. Ms.S.Kalaiselvi, AP(SG) / CSE
    4. Dr.S.Rajagopal, AP(SG) / IT
    5. Ms.I.A.S. Michlin Ruby, AP / CSE
  • Team Support
    1. Dr. V. Sivakumar, AP/CSE