Civil Research

Student Funded Project

S.No Title of the project Funding agency Participants Amount Academic year
1 Aerated Cellular Concrete Blocks National Science And Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, Department Of Science And Technology Angammal.S Nishanthi.P Sharrupreethi.P Rs.2,50,000.00 2017-18
2 Waste Water Recycling Reusing and Harnessing From Individual Sheltering Units By Adopting DWATS Method National Engineering College, Alumni Association S.B.Dhivya, C.Aishwarya, A.Balasindhia, R.Gayathri Rs.10,000.00 2017-18

Journels Published

S.No Name of the authors Title of the paper Name of the Journal
1 Mohammed Haneef,M.V, LillyJoice,A, Puthiya Sekar, C, Niranjan, D,and Kirubhakaran,G “Natural Gas Production from Batch Feeding of sheep Dropping and Food Waste as a Partial Mixture in a confined Batch Digester” International Journal of chem Tech research
2 M.V.MohammedHaneef, A.LillyJoice, D.Niranjan, G.Kirubhakaran , R.Venkadalakshmi “Synthesis and Comparative analysis of natural gas from the sheep droppings as a main admixture and food waste as a partial mixture in a confined built digestor” Journal of chemical and pharmaceutical research
3 M.V.MohammedHaneef , R.Sivasankar, S.Sebastin, S.Jansisheela “Mathematical model approach for Suitability of GGBS as a replacement material for cement and Pond ash as a replacement material for fine aggregate International journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (IJAES)
4 S.Daniel Raj, M.V.MohammedHaneef ,S.Parthiba raja, P.S.NaufalRizwan, S.Jansisheela "Seismic Response Of Buried Pipe Lines And Preparation Of Seismic Resistant Joint By Adopting Response Spectrum"” International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography
5 M.V.MohammedHaneef, A.LillyJoice, D.Niranjan, G.Kirubhakaran “Synthesis Of Natural Gas From A Batch Feeding Of Sheepdroppings And Food Waste As A Partial Mixture In A Confined Batch Digester”. International Journal of Chemtech research
6 P.S.NaufalRizwan, M.Franchis David, S.JansiSheela,S.Daniel raj “Effect of Industrial Waste as Partial Replacement of Ingredients in Ultra High Strength Concrete” Journal of chemical and pharmaceutical research
7 R.Sangeetha , P.S.NaufalRizwan , S.Jansisheela , M.FranchisDavid,S.Daniel Raj “State of art on Composite Slab Construction ” International journal of Applied Environmental Sciences
8 AnupriyaJeyaseelan,NaufalRizwan P S, JansiSheela S, ChellaGifta C, MuthuPrema K` Waste Water Treatment Using Banana Stem Extract International journal of Applied Environmental Sciences