Civil Research

Journals Published

S.No Name of the authors Title of the paper Name of the Journal Year of Publication
1 Dr.C.Chella Gifta, L.M.Vijaya Bharathi, Mr. A.Vimal Flexural Behaviour of Ferro cement Septic tank wall panels reinforced with Glass fibres Elsevier Materials Today Proceedings 2021
2 Dr. A.Cyril Thomas Behaviour of reinforced concrete beams bonded with side bonded FRP sheets Elsevier Materials Today Proceedings 2021
3 V.Raja, R. Venkada Lakshmi, C.Puthiyasekar, P.Chidambaram, M.Neelakantan Health risk assessment of heavy metals in ground water of Industrial township Virudhunagar , India Archives of Environmental contamination and Toxicology 2021
4 R. Venkada Lakshmi, V.Raja, C.Puthiyasekar, M.Neelakantan Evaluation of Ground Water Quality by Statistical methods and GIS technique in Virudhunagar Taluk, Tamil Nadu, India Geological Society of India 2021
5 C.Chella Gifta, S.Raguram, N.Ranjith Raj,M.Srinivasa Raghavan Mechanical Properties of Prosopis Juliflora Fiber Reinforced Concrete Journal of Natural Fibres 2021
6 A. Cyril Thomas, K.Baskar Behaviour of thin-walled castellated beam strengthened using CFRP Structures (Elsevier) 2021
7 R. Venkada Lakshmi,V.Raja, S. Chidambaram C.Puthiyasekar, M.Neelakantan Industrial impact on ground water quality with special references to Cr2+ and Pb2+ in costal aquifers Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2021
8 Cyril Thomas. A, Shiva Sai. T, Sandeep Kumar, G.A.V.S. and Kiran Kumar. N Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Beams Bonded with Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer and Carbon FibreReinforced Polymer Sheets International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology 2020
9 M. Franchis David, G.Mohan Kumar, C.B.Raam Balaji, S.Subaranjani, A.Muthu Sivasankar, J.Chandra Bose Experimental investigation on bioconcrete with medical vial glass waste Asian Journal of Civil Engineering 2020
10 R. Venkada Lakshmi, S. Aditi Selva Rengam, K. Brammasakthy, B.Santhiya, M. Shanmugasree Revathi Groundwater Quality in Kovilpatti Region and Removal of Fluoride using Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Leaves as an Adsorbent International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering 2020

Student Funded Project

S.No Title of the project Funding agency Participants Amount Academic year
1 Aerated Cellular Concrete Blocks National Science And Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, Department Of Science And Technology Angammal.S Nishanthi.P Sharrupreethi.P Rs.2,50,000.00 2017-18
2 Waste Water Recycling Reusing and Harnessing From Individual Sheltering Units By Adopting DWATS Method National Engineering College, Alumni Association S.B.Dhivya, C.Aishwarya, A.Balasindhia, R.Gayathri Rs.10,000.00 2017-18