academic research

Academic Research

Pursuit of research activities helps the faculty members to stay in touch with the emerging trends in their areas of expertise which is vital for the intellectual development of the faculty. Special emphasis has been focused on the continual improvement of the Research and Development activities by each department. The faculty members are encouraged to submit research proposals for funding to address the socio-technical issues and challenges and also communicate their research findings for publication in the reputed journals. They are also actively participating in the conferences and seminars so that they can interact with their peers and participate in the deliberations at the meetings. In addition, 32 Anna University recognized supervisors are guiding the faculty members to stay in touch with the recent developments and also helping to contact other National and International professionals in their area of specialization. So far, from NEC research centers, 88 PhD scholars have been awarded.

It is recognized that state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and E-Journal facilities are essential to pursue quality research. NEC provides the foremost care to quality higher education as well as basic and applied research in emerging fields. The institute has seven recognized research centers in various disciplines of engineering and sciences, with nearly 12 research laboratories are functioning with unique advancements. Therefore special emphasis has been placed to augment these facilities through research grants. The central library is commissioning with wide range of facilities including online availability of reputed international journals.

As a part of their career development, faculty members have opportunities to register for part-time Ph.D. Presently, 163 number of faculty members in various departments are pursuing Ph.D. programmes. Out of this, 97 Ph.D scholars are external faculty members from other Institutions. Also, 66 internal faculty members are pursuing their PhD. The Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Chemistry Department of National Engineering College are recognized as research centers under Anna University. Every year a good number of publications in reputed journals bears out the evidence that research contributions in NEC is in the right pursuit. In the last 3 years, the facuilty members have published more than 140 research papers in reputed journals with Thomson Reuter Impact Factor. This is indeed a good recognition of the research competence of the faculty members at this institute.

Phases involved in Academic Research

  • Collect all faculty members and PhD Scholars details in R & D Portal.
  • Maintain list of all Publication in R & D Portal.
  • Conduct PhD review meeting to for go their timelines.
  • Encourage quality publications through incentives.
  • Provide finance regarding summer/winter schools and GIAN participations.
  • Maintain the present status of scholars in all research centres.
  • Announcements of Fellowships, scholarships and benefits to Full-time scholars.
  • Issue of No-due certificate prior to thesis submission.