Academic Research

Ongoing Ph.D. /MS (By Research) Full time Scholar list

S.No S.No Name of the Scholar ProgrammePh.D/M.S.(By Research) Name of the Supervisor Research Department Enrolment No. Date of Enrolment Topic
1 1 Ms. R. Manimala Ph.D Dr.B. Vigneshwaran Asst.Prof(S.G)/ EEE EEE 23233897237 11.07.2023 High Voltage Engineering
2 2 Ms. S. Gayathri Ph.D Dr.T.S. Arunsamuel, Asso.Prof. / ECE ECE 23259897172 13.07.2023 Desgin and Development of Microstrip Patch antenna for WBAN Applications
3 3 C. R. Roble Ros Suriyan Ph.D Dr. K. Manisekar, Prof. Dean I&E MECH 23142891131 19.12.2022 MECHANICAL AND TRIBOLOGICAL BEHAVIOUR OF MAGNESIUM BASED COMPOSITES
4 4 P.Hannah Blessy Ph.D Dr.A.Shenbagavalli, Prof & Head /ECE ECE 22244891289 31.01.2022 Modelling and Simulation of Heterojunction Tunnel Field Effect Transistors
5 5 Ms.T.Saranya Ph.D Dr.V.Suresh, Asso.Prof /ECE ECE 22244897232 17.09.2022 Ransomware Detection and Classification Using Artificial Intelligence
6 7 A. Sharon Geege Ph.D Dr.T.S.Arunsamuel, Prof/ ECE ECE 21243897236 16.09.2021 Modelling and Simulation of Heterojunction Tunnel FETs
7 9 D.Abarna Ph.D Dr.R.V.Maheswari Prof/EEE EEE 21243891210 19.01.2021 Analysis of partial discharge characteristic in dielectrics using soft computing techniques
8 11 J.Beno Ranjana Ph.D Dr.R.Muthukkumar, Prof/IT IT 21244897592 05.10.2021 Design and Development of Social Robot for Brain Signal Processing of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
9 12 Mrs.I.Muthu Selvi Ph.D Dr.V.Gomathi, Prof. & HOD (CSE) CSE 20234891173 30.01.2020 Image Processing
10 13 K.Rathi Ph.D Dr.V.Gomathi, Prof.& Head / CSE CSE 18224891121 04.01.2018 Digital image processing

Ongoing Ph.D. /MS (By Research) Part time Scholar list

Internal Faculty members Guided by NEC Supervisor

S.No S.No Name Designation Department Date of Joining NEC Name of the Supervisor University Specialization Enrolment No. Date of Enrolment
1 5 Ms.A..Apsara Asst.Prof ECE 18.07.2022 Dr.N.Arumugam, Asso.Prof ECE Anna University, Chennai DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF PIEZORESIS TEMPERATURE SENSOR WITH EMBEDDED AI USING MEMS TECHNOLOGY 23283897247 11.07.2023
2 6 Ms.S.Santhi Asst.Prof IT 04.08.2021 Dr.S.Kalaiselvi, Asso.Prof /CSE Anna University, Chennai DEVELOPMENT OF OBJECT DETECTION ALGORITHM FOR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE IN SMART CITIES 2324489731 12.07.2023
3 7 Mr.J. Karthikeyan Asst.Prof CSE 01.10.2021 Dr.V.Gomathi, Prof.& Head / CSE Anna University, Chennai Metaverse, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality 23144891327 15.12.2022
4 13 Mr.K.Rajkumar Asst.Prof CSE 01.06.2012 Dr.B.Paramasivan, Prof.IT Anna University, Chennai Enhancing the Availability Challenges and Other Issues in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks 21144897569 06.10.2021
5 14 Mr.A.Shenbagharaman Asst.Prof CSE 01.06.2012 Dr.B.Paramasivan, Prof.IT Anna University, Chennai Study and Design of Novel Routing Schemes for Improving Localization Accuracy inUnder Water Wireless Sensor Networks 21154897570 05.10.2021
6 15 Mr.K.Karthik Kumar Asst. Prof. EEE 10.06.2019 Dr.M.Willjuice Iruthayarajan, Prof. & HOD / EEE Anna University, Chennai Design and Development of solar PV Integrated Power Converters for EV Battery Charging Application Using Recent Optimization Techniques 21143897143 16.09.2021
7 16 Mr.T. Devakumar Asst.Prof (Sr.Gr) ECE 20.06.2001 Dr.T.Arun Samuel, Prof./ ECE Anna University, Chennai Study of Non Destructive Detection of Plant Alkaloid 21143897228 16.09.2021
8 18 Mr.F.Antony Jeffrey Vaz Asst. Prof EEE 01.06.2016 Dr.M.Willjuice Iruthayarajan, Prof. & HOD / EEE Anna University, Chennai Investigation of wind Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithm 21133897176 16.09.2021
9 19 Mr.K. Sudalaiyandi Asst.Prof MECH 08.06.2016 Dr.S.Iyahraja, Prof/Mech Anna University, Chennai Performance Optimization of Receiver in CSP System 21132891279 20.01.2021
10 22 Ms.N.Gowthami Asst Prof. IT 03.06.2013 Dr.S. Tamil Selvi Prof. & Dean (Acadamic) Anna University, Chennai Enhancing Security in SDN Based Intrusion Detection System Using Machine Learning Approaches 21244891301 21.01.2021

NEC Faculty members Guided by other Supervisor

S.No S.No Name Designation Department Date of Joining NEC Month of Registration Ph.D Name of the Supervisor University Specialization Enrolment No. Date of Enrolment
1 16 Mr.B.Gowtham Asst.Prof Civil June.2022 Dr.S.Adishkumar, Asst.Prof/Civil, Regional Centre of Anna University, Tirunelveli Anna University Chennai Chemical Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Wastes to Enhance Bio Electricity Generation Through Microbial Fuel Cell Technology 22141897136
2 17 Mrs.M.Balamaheswari Asst.Prof. Civil Jan.2022 Dr.K.Premalatha, Prof. /CIVIL, Ceg Campus, Anna University, Chennai-600025 Anna University Chennai Laboratory and field Investigation of Electrical Resistivity for Different Types of Soil and ITS Application for Footing Design 2224119116
3 18 Mr.K.Raghu PD Physical Education Jan.2021 Dr.P.Mohan Antharias, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education, Annamalai University Annamalai University Physical Education 2043150004
4 20 Mrs.Sasireka Asst.Prof. S&H Jan.2020 Dr.D.A.Pandirani, Asso.Prof/MathsGVN.College Kovilpatti MS University, Tirunelveli A Study on Pission Sequence Spaces 20122052092005
5 21 Ms.P.Mala Asst.Prof. S&H Sep.2020 Dr.M.Palanivel, Asst.Prof/Maths Mepco Schlenk Engineering College (Autonomous) Sivakasi, Virudhunagar. Anna University Chennai Inventory Control 17247897130
6 22 Mrs. Manimegalai.M Asst.Prof. IT Jan.2018 Dr. K.Sebasthirani Asso.Prof/EEE, Sri Ramalrishna Engineerimg College, Coimbatore. Anna University Chennai Information and Communication Engineering 18344691193
7 23 Mrs.M.Annapoopathi AP /Maths S&H Aug.2017 Dr.N.Meena, MDT Hindu College, Tirunelveli MSU Studies in Graph Theory - Efficient Edge Domination and related topics 17231072092002
8 24 Mr.B.Ganapathy Ram Assistant Professor ECE Jan. 2016 Dr.D.Shalini Punithavathini, Prof/ECE, CSI Institute of Technology, Nagarkovil. Anna University Chennai Performance analysis of next generation cooperative network 1615489401

External Scholar list Guided by NEC Supervisor

S.No S.No Name of the Supervisor Name of the Research Scholar Designation Department Institution University Topic Enrolment No. Date of Enrolment
1 89 Dr.T.S. Arunsamuel, Asso.Prof. / ECE Ms. J. Ebens Nikshya AP SCAD College of Engineering &Technology Anna University, Chennai MODELLING, SIMULATION AND ANALYSIS OF HETEROJUNCTION VERTICAL TUNNEL FET 23249897464 13.07.2023
2 90 Dr.T.S. Arunsamuel, Asso.Prof. / ECE Ms. J. Varsha AP Unnaamalai Institute of Technology Anna University, Chennai MODELLING SIMULATION AND ANALYSIS OF ALGAN/GAN HIGH ELECTRON MOBILITY TRANSISTOR 23223897173 11.07.2023
3 91 Dr.T.S. Arunsamuel, Asso.Prof. / ECE S.Vijayakumar AP RAMCO Institute of Tech., Rajapalayam AU, Chennai Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor with Ferroelectric Dielectric 22134891184 10.02.2022
4 92 Dr. A.Shenbagavalli, Prof/ ECE & Dean Academic A.Valarmathi AP VOC College of Engineering, Tuticorin AU,Chennai Cyber Threat Analysis and Intelligence Driven Incident Response to Overcome the Threats 22244891403 17.02.2022
5 93 Dr.N.B.Prakash, Prof / EEE P.Revathi AP Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore AU,Chennai Development of Deeplearning Algorithms for Automatic Detection of Breast Cancer and Severity Level Diagnosis Using Thermography Images 22224891121 27.01.2022
6 94 Dr. A.Shenbagavalli, Prof./ECE Dean (Academic) V.Ayyappan Asst.Prof A.R. College of Engineering & Technology AU,Chennai Foot Pattern Diagnosing for Diabetics Conditions Using Thermal Image Techniques 21144891457 22.01.2021
7 95 Dr. A.Shenbagavalli, Prof./ECE Dean (Academic) S.Sowmiya Teaching Fellow University VOC College of Engineering, Tuticorin AU, Chennai Cryptographic Approach for Image Integrity and Entity Authentication 21224897312 29.09.2021
8 96 Dr.V.Suresh, Asso.Prof /ECE T.Selvasundar AP RAMCO Institute of Tech., Rajapalayam Au,Chennai AI Based Studies on Smart Trash Bot Using Deep Learning Techniques 21132897294 29.09.2021
9 97 Dr.V.Suresh, Asso.Prof /ECE S.Valai Ganesh AP RAMCO Institute of Tech., Rajapalayam Au,Chennai Augmentation Studies on Manipulators in solid Waste Management with Deep Learning Based Machine Vision System 21152897296 28.09.2021
10 98 Dr.M.Kathiresan Asso.Prof/MECH P.Anburaj Teaching Fellow VOC College of Engineering, Tuticorin AU,Chennai Experimental Study of Composite Materials Influencing the Productivity of Inclined Type Solar Still 21142897261 20.09.2021

Completed Ph.D Research Scholar List

S.No Name of the Research Scholar S.No Mode of Research University Topic Internal / External Awarded Year Name of the Supervisor Topic
1 Dr.R.Vignesh kumar 1 Part time Anna University,Chennai Workability And Heat Transfer Characteristic of Graphene Nanoplatelets Reinforced Aluminium Nanocomposites Internal 2023 Dr.R.Harichandran, Prof./ Mech
2 Dr.P.Samuel Pakianathan 2 Part time Anna University,Chennai Enhancing of insulating fluids used in high voltage apparatus by regeneration, adding antioxidants and blending with vegetable oils Internal 2023 Dr.R.V.Maheswari, Prof. /EEE
3 Dr.V.Manimaran 3 Part time Anna University,Chennai DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF DEEP LEARNING MODELS FOR PERSON REIDENTIFICA TION Internal 2023 Dr.K.G.Srinivasagan, Prof.&HoD/IT & Dean (TCP)
4 Dr.B.Venkatasamy 4 Part time Anna University,Chennai A comparative study on optimized design and implementation of high frequency AC link inverter using soft computing techniques Internal 2023 Dr.L.Kalaivani, Prof. /EEE
5 Dr. D.Karthik Prabhu 5 Part time Anna University,Chennai Partial discharge pattern recognition and noise reduction using expert system External 2023 Dr.R.V.Maheswari, Prof. /EEE
6 Dr. Maharajan.S 7 Part time Anna University,Chennai EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATON ON EROSION AND CORROSION BEHAVIOUR OF PLASMA SPRAYED WC/Cr3C2/8YSZ COATINGS ON SS316 External 2023 Dr. F. Michael Thomas Rex, Asso.Prof/ MECH
7 Dr. S.Parvathi 9 Full time Anna University,Chennai DETECTION, IDENTIFICATION AND HARVESTING OF MATURE COCONUT External 2023 Dr.S.Tamilselvi, Prof. & HOD / ECE - PG
9 Dr. A.Geetha 12 Full time Anna University,Chennai Automatic Diagnosis of Eye diseases using Image Processing Techniques Internal 2023 Dr.N.B.Prakash, Prof/EEE
10 Dr. Vijayakumar R 13 Part Time Anna University,Chennai An Experimental Investigation on the Performance of Solar Air Heater with rougherned surfaces on the absorber plate Internal 2023 Dr.R.Harichandran, Asso. Prof. / Mech

Faculty members with Ph.D

S.No S.No Name Designation Department Date of Joining NEC Month acquiring Ph.D Field of Specialization Topic
1 1 Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Principal MECH 08.10.1986 01/06/09 Solar Desalination
2 2 Dr. S.Iyahraja Prof. HOD MECH 25.08.1999 01/07/17 Nano fluid
3 3 Dr.K.Manisekar Prof. Dean I&E MECH 23.10.1992 01/12/05 Metal forming, Composites, Tribology
4 4 Dr.M.Kathiresan Prof. MECH 06.06.2005 01/12/16 Axial Loading
5 5 Dr.R.Harichandran Prof. MECH 09.07.2007 01/01/17 Nano Composite Materials
6 7 Dr.D.Venkatkumar Prof. MECH 06.06.2005 01/08/17 Welding
7 9 Dr I.Sankar Asso.Prof MECH 04.07.2008 01/06/18 Composite Materials
8 11 Dr. F.Michael Thomas Rex Asso.Prof MECH 14.06.2010 May.2019 Design and Optimization of Fixture Layout For Milling Operations
9 12 Dr.D.Vignesh Kumar Asso.Prof MECH 05.06.2009 01/12/19 Minimization of Total Manufacturing Cost for Simple and Complex Assemblies
10 13 Dr.P.Ramanan Asso.Prof MECH 06.06.2008 01/03/21 Solar Photo Voltaic

Approved PhD Supervisors

S.No S.No Name Designation Department Faculty Supervisor Recgn. No. Area of Specialization Topic
1 Director
1 2 Dr.S.Shanmugavel Director ECE ICE 9940335 Wireless communication, Wireless Networks, Mobile AdHoC Networks
3 Principal
2 4 Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Principal MECH MECH 1620154 Solar Energy, Thermal Power, Heat Transfer and Renewable Energy
5 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
3 7 Dr.K.Manisekar Prof. Dean I&E MECH MECH 8320223 Metal Forming, Composite Materials, Tribology
4 9 Dr.S.Iyahraja Prof. HOD MECH MECH 3120051 Thermal Engineering
5 11 Dr.M.Kathiresan Prof. MECH MECH 2920073 Thin Walled Shells, Conical Frusta, Crashworthiness, Composite, Fiber Metal Laminates
6 12 Dr.R.Harichandran Prof MECH MECH 2920072 Composite Materials, Design, Refrigeration and Airconditioning
7 13 Dr I.Sankar Asso.Prof MECH MECH 3320035 Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites, Manufacturing of Composites, Characterization of Composites

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