The seed for the Computer Society of India (CSI) was first shown in the year 1965 with a handful of IT enthusiasts who were a computer user group and felt the need to organize the activities. They also wanted to share their knowledge and exchange ideas on what they felt a fast-emerging sector. Today the CSI takes pride in being the largest and most professionally managed association of and for IT Professionals in India. The purposes of the Society are Scientific and educational which direct towards the advancements of the theory and practice of computer science and IT.


To facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals. And also to inspire and nurture new entrants into the industry and help them to integrate into the IT community.


  • Creating technical awareness among students and providing an opportunity to learn and sharpen their technical skills by conducting many events spanning the academic year.
  • Educate IT users on the appropriate use (safe, secure, legal and ethical) of IT.

Activities conducted through the Association

Academic Year 2021-2022

S.No Name of the Events Number of students participated in such activities Chief Guest Details Date of Activity
1 Inaugural Function 60 Mr.S.Balasubramanian, Tech Lead, Intellect design Arena limited. Chennai 21-08-2021
2 Orientation programme 120 For II and III year students 03-09-2021
3 Workshop on “Mobile application using React Native” 46 Ms.K.Mahalakshmi, Software developer, Centizen Ins, Tirunelveli. 04-09-2021
4 Founder’s Day Competitions: Just one minute, Bridge the gap 55 For all students 17-09-2021
5 Code Hunt event 23 For II and III year students 29-09-2021
6 Seminar on “Micro Services and event driven architecture” 46 Mr. M.MuthuSundarRam, Asst.Consultant & Team Lead, TCS, Chennai 26-10-2021
7 Workshop on “Art on Adobe PS” 29 For II and III year students 22-10-2021 & 29-10-2021
8 Founder’s memorial Day Competitions: Paper Presentation, Shuffle and prelect 22 For II and III year students 12-03-2022
9 Webinar on “Block chain Technology in Healthcare Field” 59 Mr.Namdev M. Sawant, S.K.N Sinhgad College of Engineering, Maharastra. 30-03-2022
10 Seminar on “Big Data Analytics” 34 Ms.M.Poojaa, Product Tech Analyst, IQVIA, Banglore. 14-05-2022

Academic Year 2022-2023

S.No Name of the Events Number of students participated in such activities Chief Guest/ Participants Details Date of Activity
1 Art and Crafts & Elocution Event 26 & 14 For all students 12-08-2022 &13-08-2022
2 Inaugural Function 120 Mr.R.Sabarishkumar, Data Engineer, Lowe’s Services India Pvt, Ltd, Bengaluru, Karnataka. 27-08-2022
3 Orientation programme 180 For II and III year students 29-08-2022
4 Codethon 62 For III year students 03-09-2022
5 Walk with photoshop 23 For II and III year students 10-09-2022
6 Softskill Success 51 Mrs.Jeba, AP/S&H, Soft skill trainer. 10-09-2022
7 Webinar on “ Low code/No Code Technologies” 43 Mr.G.J Ramesh, Senior Solutions Consultant, Vuram Technologies, Chennai 08-10-2022
8 Coding Contest (Hacker Rank portal) 64 For III year Students 14-01-2023


wdt_ID Member Possition Members
1 No. of student volunteers 60
2 Duration of Membership 3
3 President Dr.V.Gomathi, Professor & Head/CSE
4 Student President Mr.G.R Santhosh (Final year IT)
5 Student Vice- President Mr.P.Jeyaram (Third Year CSE)
6 Secretary Mr.K.Vaidhyanathan (Final year CSE) Mr.D.Viranth (Final year IT)
7 Faculty Coordinators Ms.M.Kanthimathi, AP/CSE , Ms.R.Madhu, AP/IT

• Received most committed Student Branch Award from 2016 to 2019.

Events Organised
S.No Name of the Staff Designation
1 Example Dr. K.G.SRINIVASAGAN, M.E., Ph.D., Prof & Head/IT, CSI President
2 Example Dr.S.CHIDAMBARAM, M.E., Ph.D., Asst.Prof (senior Grade)/IT, CSI - Student Counselor
3 Example Ms.R K AISHWARYALAKSHMI, M.E., Asst. Professor/CSE, CSI - Student Coordinator

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