Transition into adulthood is a difficult time. Students are settling down slowly and deciding a career path. They need a proper and effective guide and mentor not only while deciding the career but also to pursue it. The education and practical training that is received in colleges make a big impact on their future.

You, as parents, will want to safeguard the future of your children and give them everything that they need to stand on their own feet. At NEC, we invest in the very same success of your children as you.

We create the right environment that helps stimulate thought processes and encourage growth of the mind.

In a world where demand for engineers is low, and the supply is high, the only way to make the students successful and stand out is by empowering them with everything that is needed to showcase their talents.

NEC provides a fantastic platform for the students to give back to the world and prove their mettle.

We are here to reassure you that your children are safe in our hands. We will nurture, guide and cultivate them to bring them closer to their goals. One step at a time.