• The Central Library at our college is a state-of-the-art facility that serves as the intellectual hub for our academic community. Equipped with advanced technology, it boasts an extensive collection of resources, including books, journals, electronic databases, and multimedia materials. At the heart of the library is our automated system, which enables seamless management and retrieval of resources. With the aid of advanced software and hardware, our library staff can instantly locate and deliver requested materials to users in a timely and efficient manner.
  • In addition to its impressive collection, our Central Library offers a range of specialized services to support research and learning. Our reference desk is staffed by expert librarians who are available to offer guidance and assistance on a variety of topics. We also come up with a range of instructional programs and workshops, including information literacy sessions and citation management tutorials, to help people develop their research skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in scholarly communication.
  • Designed to foster both collaboration and independent study, the library’s physical space features a variety of study areas, including individual carrels, group study rooms, and open seating areas, all equipped with modern amenities such as power outlets and Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, our Central Library is committed to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices. We employ a range of strategies to reduce our carbon footprints, such as energy-efficient lighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and recycling programs for paper and other materials. This Central Library is a vital resource for our college community, providing access to the latest research and information, supporting scholarly inquiry and discovery, and promoting academic excellence and sustainability.
  • The Central Library is kept open throughout the year except for Government Holidays (Weekdays 08.30 a.m. to 07.30 p.m. and Sundays 09.30 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.)


  • Book stocking section has the collection of text and reference books as prescribed in the syllabus and also relevant books.
  • In the Periodical Section, pSection, peer-reviewed National Journals and Technical Magazines are available and kept in printed form.
  • Reference Section has Reference books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Directories, Exam Guides, Standards, Manuals, Handbooks, Proceedings and a collection of University & Autonomous question paper booklets.
  • The Circulation Section has a fully computerized bar-coded circulation service (Issue, Return and Renewal of library documents)
  • Back issue of the journal are bounded every year and kept inthe Back Volume Section for reference purpose. Back volumes can also be borrowed by the users.
  • Web Online Public Access Catalogue (Web OPAC) facilitates online search queries related to the availability of library resources viz. Books, Journals, CD/DVDs, Back volumes and project reports.
  • An A.V.Hall (Audio & Video Section) has been established for organizing the NPTEL online programmes, Spoken Tutorial Workshops, Seminars, conferences & Viva Voce exams.
  • Reprography and printing facilities are available to the users.
  • Book Bank Section caters to the needs of students who avail of the post-metric scholarship
    offered by the Government of India. The eligible students can avail of six books at a time.The books are issued for a period of one semester and are to be returned at the end of the semester.
  • A sufficient number of systems are available in the e-Library section with an Internet access facility to access the e-resources. Users can access it for educational, research and development purposes. Non-book materials such as CDs, DVDs, textbook tutorial CDs and periodical CDs are also kept in the Library.


To provide excellent information resources and deliver quality services and facilities to meet the research, teaching and learning needs of the NEC teaching-learning community.

Borrowing Facilities

S.No Staff / Student Books / CD Days
1 U G Students 6 Books + 1 CD 15 days
2 P G Students 6 Books + 2 CD 15 days
3 Research Scholars 6 Books + 2 CD 15 days
4 H.O.Ds 10 Books + 2 CD 15 days
5 Teaching Staff 6 Books + 2 CD 15 days
6 Non Teaching Staff 2 Book 15 days

For SC/ST students 6 books will be issued separately from the book bank.

Working hours

  • Weekdays: 08.30 A.M to 07.30 P.M
  • Sundays: 09.30 A.M to 01.00 P.M

The Library is kept open throughout the year except Government Holidays.


  • To maintain the standard and reputation of the College through excellence in library services.
  • To meet the requirements of academic needs of UG / PG students and research Scholars of the Institution.
  • To provide an appropriate and comfortable ambience for the Library Users.
  • Utilize library and information technology innovatively and appropriately.
  • Develop and maintain effective and efficient infrastructure to deliver information services.
  • Support and enhance teaching and learning processes by delivering and promoting the effective use of information resources.
  • Provide an information rich environment that supports and encourages excellence for research scholars.
  • To provide access to an electronic catalogue.
  • To provide a well-organized collection of books, periodicals and electronic media, to meet the instructional needs of students and faculty to support the programmes.
  • To maintain a current and useful library collection reflecting the needs of all courses.


  • All the Staff and Students are members of our Library.
  • Users must record their entry and exit using their ID card.
  • All books must be returned on or before the due date.
  • IIf any Library Book is lost, the concerned member must replace the book with the latest edition along with overdue charges.
  • If the book is not returned by the member, then triple the cost of the book will be collected from the concerned member.
  • Members are required to deposit their bags / belongings at the property counter.
  • Members are required to produce their smart and Bar-Coded Membership ID Cards to the Security and Staff when asked for.
  • Personal books and belongings are not permitted inside the Library.
  • Silence is to be strictly observed in the library.
  • The books are to be left on the reading table and not to be replaced on the shelves after reading or reference.
  • Books will be lent to the students only for a period of 15 days (Including Holidays).
  • The (final year) students should return the books to the library for obtaining a No dues Certificate.
  • Books returned after the due date will be charged an overdue charge of Rs. 1/- per day.
  • Books may be returned on all working days.  Absence from the institution shall not be an excuse for any delay in returning the books.
  • Library books are to be used with utmost care and to be returned without any damage.
  • Damaged books shall not be accepted and it has to be replaced.
  • The Library is under surveillance with the aid of video cameras.
  • Laptop computers are allowed inside the library for reference work.
  • Underlining, scribbling and or tearing of pages or any other type of mishandling of books and Journals etc.., or misuse of computers will be punishable.
  • If any Book / Journal is brought out of the Library without proper entry, serious action will be taken.
  • The competent authority will take necessary action against the users who violate the Library rules and regulations.
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