Coordinator: Dr.K.Manisekar, Prof & Head/Mechanical Engineering
Mr.B.Ganapathy Ram,Assistant Professor(SG) Electronics and Communication Engineering


To create a result driven environment for stimulating growth in business and economic development in the southern region of Tamilnadu through Incubation.


To simulate entrepreneurial spirit & innovation promotion among the students and the local community for the successful development of new businesses and employment generation in specific sectors that are aligned with the unique opportunity of this region


To create a conducive environment and to provide necessary support and services to our students to start their own business after their graduation


  • To cultivate Entrepreneurial culture in NEC campus and among the community.
  • To assist in the formation both technology and non technology driven business and to aid in their successful development.
  • To position NEC and the community to take advantage of the new business opportunities.
  • To provide experiential learning opportunities and internships for students and faculty that will complement programs on campus.
  • To create jobs for graduating students.
  • To create good paying jobs in the community.
  • To expand the opportunities for NEC to partner and engage with the community.


NEC-Business Incubation Center (NEC-BIC) can provide a conducive atmosphere where small businesses can grow and prosper in a socially backward place, located at Madurai-Tirunelveli highway which is well connected through air, rail and road. It is proxy to smart cities Tuticorin and Madurai which have been recently approved by the Govt. of India,New Delhi and have more scope for development in infracture, Industrial and agricultural developements. In addition, as per CII and other associations around Rs. 33735 Crore is going to be invested in various Infrastructure projects to nurture and develop young Entrepreneurs in Technology and Non Technology field along this corridor. This approach will be a Key source for Entrepreneurship and business start-ups to grow in this region.

In this context,the large infrastructure facilities in R&D is established at NEC to support and motivate the young researchers, who can promote the commercial research culture through the strong venture of the Institute – Industry Tag for Make-in-India. In addition, NEC could provide the appropriate infrastructure for computer technology and telecommunications as well as training to these potential tenants (Start-ups).

Further , the NEC –BI is ready to nurture successful indigenous technologies and growth oriented entrepreneurs/enterprises who can contribute to the economic growth of this region and the community to make both Tamil Nadu and India Gl;obally Visible. NEC is reputed for its huge network of successful domain experts, academicians and experienced professionals who can share their technical experience in harning the skill of product development. This can be visible through the presence of our alumni in various reputed organizations, academic institutions and as an entrepreneur throughout the globe. Now,NEC is also ready to serve both non- technology and technology businesses. This, in turn, may help with faculty and student recruitment, and retention of graduates in the community.Further, it expands the opportunities for NEC to partner and engage with the community for further development of rural society.

To know more about the Business Incubator facilities and activities, please click here:


  • Support extended to start-ups
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Seed Fund Support
  • Innovation Fund Support
  • Prototype Development
  • Hardware & Software Support
  • Connectivity
  • Learning Resources
  • Marketing Support
  • Testing


Mechanical Engineering

Expertize in Energy sectors such as Renewable Energy , photovoltaic&Bio mass , development of New materials & Agriculture gagets & Automation

Electronics Engineering

Expertise to support in VLSI, Wireless Sensor Networks, Biomedical instrumentation, Tele-medicine, Signal Processing, Radar Signal and Image processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Optical Communications, Embedded Systems, Memory Devices, etc.

Electrical Engineering

Expertise to support High Voltage Engineering, Power electronics, Power system stability, Power Quality, Renewable / Alternate energy, Technology for smart grid, embedded control,evolutionary Algorithms

Information Technology

Expertise to support in the area of Data mining, Networking, Security systems ,Image processing & -e-commerce
Agriculture and allied field


Testing of electronic equipments, construction materials& electrical Equipments


Mechanical Engineering

S.No Name of the Laboratory Equipments
1 CDIO Laboratory (New product development labs) Conference Hall, Group discussion, workspace for conceive design, workspace for implementation and testing with major & minor tool kits
2 Composite Laboratory Universal tensile testing machine, Hydraulic compression moulding machine, high temperature shuffle furnace, Tribotester, Impact testing machine, Ultrasonic Probe sonicator, analysis software ABACUS, RAMCAD Design software, Creep testing machine 7 & Micro oven
3 Metrology Laboratory Profile projector, metrological for scope, different types of gauges, Gear rolling tester, surface roughness tester
4 Strength of Materials Laboratory Impact tester, universal testing machine (100 ton), Computerised universal compression testing machine, Hardness tester (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers), Torsion test, spring tension test
5 Energy Park Solar still setup, solar pond setup, air driver, different solar panel setups and bio gas plant
6 Energy simulation Laboratory Performance study on different PV systems, battery charging and discharging characteristics, performance of the different solar thermal equipments like collectors, water/air heaters, solar drier, still etc, can be studied in the laboratory itself
7 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Laboratory Investigating the friction and wear characteristic of materials using Pin on Disc Tribometer at atmospheric temperature. Tests compliant to ASTM G99 & DIN 50324 Standards.
8 Advanced Computing Laboratory Equipped with Advanced software like CATIA V5 R10 modelling software, Solid Cam 04 CAM software, ANSYS 10 Analysis Software, TRNSYS Thermal analysis software.
9 IC Engine Laboratory Computer interfaced IC engine, slow speed diesel engine with mechanical dynamometer, multi cylinder petrol engine with hydraulic dynamometer, single cylinder diesel engine with AC generator
10 Heat and Mass transfer Laboratory Pin fin, Composite walls, Emissivity measurement, Steffen Boltz Mann apparatus, Heat exchanger, vapour compression, A/C test rig, Two slab guarded hot plate apparatus, thermal conductivity of motor rod, parallel & low heat exchanger apparatus.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

S.No Name of the Laboratory Equipments
1 E-Yantra Laboratory Fire V robot, Spark robot, Arduino board, Atmega Processor
2 Embedded Systems Laboratory Cortex M3, OMAP processor
3 VLSI Laboratory Xilinx FPGA, Altera FPGA, ZED board
4 DSP Laboratory TMS and ADSP processors
5 R&D Laboratory DM816X/AM398X Evaluation module

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

S.No Name of the Laboratory Equipments
1 Interactive Computing Laboratory RDBMS Laboratory, Case Tools Laboratory, Data Structures Laboratory, Open Source Laboratory and Object Oriented Programming Laboratory.
2 IBM Laboratory Intel xeon server, 40 Desktop systems
3 CISCO Laboratory Intel xeon server, 48 Desktop systems
4 Common Computer Centre Intel xeon server, 87 Systems and 20KVA UPS.
5 DRDO Laboratory IBM Rack Server, 802.11g Wi-Fi Detector, Wireless Access Point, Mobile Telecom Trainer Kit, Handheld Sat Receiver (GPS), 10KVA Numeric UPS and Qualnet 5.0 software
6 Sensor Networking Laboratory Agriculture sensing and monitoring, Agriculture Information Dissemination, Multi-sensory Agricultural Networks, Structural Health Monitoring, Vehicular CO omission detection, and monitoring over WSNs
7 Cloud Computing Laboratory IBM Blade Server integrated with 7 cloud nodes
8 Remote Monitoring Laboratory wireless network infrastructure, Internet security

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

S.No Name of the Laboratory Equipments
1 Applied Electronics Laboratory FPGA based A.C Drives
2 Control and Instrumentation Laboratory Data Acquisition Card using LABVIEW,TRMS Working model
3 Machines Laboratory A.C Drives, D.C Drives &SRM
4 High Voltage Laboratory Transformer Oil Test Kit, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Pensky Martens Flash and Fire Point Apparatus
5 Liquid Dielectric Laboratory UV Spectro photo meter, BDV Kit & tan⍺ resistive Kit
6 Computer Laboratory MATLAB R2015a & Simulink – 10 User with Control System – 10 User, Simscape-10 User, Fuzzy Logic (1 user), Neural Network (1 User), Model Predictive Control (1 User), Optimization (1 User) Toolboxes.
7 Microprocessor and Micro controller Laboratory 8085 &8051 Microprocessor Trainer with Power supply, Stepper motor with Controller, Universal Programmer, DSP controller and FPGA controller

Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

S.No Name of the Laboratory Equipments
1 Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory NI ELVIS-II hardware and Accessories, Flow measurement and Level measurement
2 Process Control Laboratory PLC Real Time Application Trainer, Distributed Control System, Cascade Control process station, Flow Process & Level Process trainer kit
3 Digital Electronics Laboratory Digital Logic IC Trainer Kit, KEIL/RIDE ‘C’ cross compiler with tiny RTOS
4 Computer Laboratory TSmart IQ Board, Sharp Digital Multifunctional System

Department of Civil Engineering

S.No Name of the Laboratory Equipments
1 Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory Compression Testing Machine
2 Soil Mechanics Laboratory Triaxial Apparatus, 3 Gang Consolidation
3 Survey Laboratory Total Station
4 Environmental Engineering Laboratory BOD incubator, COD apparatus


  • One among the First set of Self Financing Engineering College Established in 1984
  • 32 year old Engineering college with all the eligible departments are accreditated by NBA
  • 3 UG programmes are accredited by NBA-TIER I, New Delhi and another 3 in process.
  • Afiliated to Anna University, Chennai and Approved by AICTE, Govt. of India.
  • Institution is accredited by NAAC, UGC – 2 (F) & 12(B), Government of India.
  • Granted Autonomy in 2011 by University Grants Commission
  • NEC bagged First Rank in Anna University Chennai for the academic year 2014-2015
  • All Departments are recognized as Research Centers for conduction of Ph.D. Programmes by Anna University, Chennai.
  • Institution is accredited by Institution of Engineers (India) & Tata Consultancy Services
  • The institution has under taken R &D projects worth around Rs.5,00,00,000
  • 36 faculties are with Ph.D
  • Member of CII


  • Startups can start their company easily
  • Can avail the R & D experience of the Faculty
  • Conducive environment for Product development
  • Can utilize the students work force
  • Motivating eco system for start ups
  • Good networking assistance


  • NEC-BI is a MSME recognized Business Incubator
  • NEC is taking efforts to establish Technical Park at the campus
  • NEC has Established Product Development Innovation centre at the Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • M/s SUM TWO SOFTWARE (P) Ltd has established Technobation center at CSE Department in the Year 2015
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