In view of promoting and supporting student start-ups in science and technology institutions, Government of India has introduced a scheme “New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre” (NewGen IEDC). The NewGen IED centre will function for the span of five academic years to develop 85 numbers of students’ projects. Based on the infrastructure facilities and intellectual potential of the faculties, S&T institutions will be awarded by this scheme along with a total grant of Rs.2,87,50,000/-. The grant includes Rs.25,00,000/- as one-time initial establishment amount and Rs.10,00,000/- as annual recurring amount to establish and functions the centre respectively. Further, each students’ project will be funded with an amount of Rs.2,50,000/- for developing a commercially viable product.

About NEC-NewGen IEDC

National Engineering College is awarded with NewGen IEDC scheme in the academic year 2017-18. The NEC NewGen IED centre is established in NEC and successfully completed four batches and there by developed 65 number of commercially viable products. 45 numbers of patents are filed and 1 patent granted from the outcomes of the said projects. Three numbers of student start-ups and one faculty startup are developed. Beyond product development, the centre actively functions by conducting varies Entrepreneurship orientation programmes, entrepreneurship lecture series and so on to encourage the Techno-Entrepreneurial culture among the students. In addition, to commercialize the developed products, product exhibitions are regularly conducted for disseminating the products to general public and Industrial persons.

Activities of 2022- 2023

Faculty development program on patent drafts preparation
Brief of the programme : Entrepreneurship Development cell (EDC) and NewGen IEDC of National Engineering College organized a FDP for the mentors of NewGen IEDC projects 2020-21 (fourth batch) on 28.12.2022 from 2.00PM to 5.00PM
Participants: 17 Faculties
Resource person: Mr. P.Ramesh Kannan, Intellectual property consultant, M/s QUADRIGA, Chennai
Outcome of the programme : to discuss the precautious measures to be considered while drafting the product patent preparation.

TNSI 22 awareness camp
Brief of the programme: An awareness talk about the Tamilnadu Student Innovators 2022 competition to the interested students was conducted on 12.01.2023.
Participants: 100 (NEC, KR arts college)
Resource person: Mr. Siva Bharathi, AURCT-IEDP Hub, EDII (TN).
Outcome of the programme : to motivate the students to get participated in the event with the success stories of startups from student stage.

E- Leaders workshop
Brief of the programme : Entrepreneurship Development cell organized a workshop on the title “E – Leaders Workshop” for the student entrepreneur on 14.10.2022 & 15.10.2022.
Participants: 50 students (from 25 different colleges)
Outcome of the programme : Students are motivated to speak about their views on entrepreneurship and highlighted the ways to improve further towards start-up.

Innovation Voucher Program (IVP)
Brief of the programme Entrepreneurship Development cell of National Engineering College (NEC_EDC) conducted an awareness program on the title “Innovation Voucher Program” on 29.09.2022 from 3.00 PM to 4.30 PM at Placement cell seminar hall, Techpark.
Participants: 111 students (NEC, K.R arts, LAPC)
Outcome of the programme : To share the support mechanisms provided by EDII TN government schemes available for young entrepreneurs and product developers

Brief of the programme : National Engineering College Entrepreneurship Development cell (NEC-EDC) in association with AURCT – IEDP HUB, Tirunelveli conducted a sponsored event on the title “Awareness Program on Entrepreneurship and Innovation” on 29.08.2022 from 10.00 AM to 1.30 PM at CSE department seminar hall.
Participants: 80 students of NEC.
Outcome of the programme : Students understand the need of entrepreneurial skills and the benefits provided by government to develop self-sustainable growth.

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