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S.No S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 15 Dr. A. Shenbagavalli A Hybrid Deep Neural Approach for Segmenting the COVID Affection Area from the Lungs X-Ray Images New Generation Computing(2023) IF: 1.180 Springer May.2023
2 16 V. Jeyalakshmi , S. Tamil Selvi Optimal coefficient selection in Compute and Forward relaying using improved Schnorr-Euchner search algorithm Physical Communication IF: 2.379 Elsevier May.2023
3 17 A. Sharon Geege & T. S. Arun Samuel Vertically-Grown TFETs: An Extensive Analysis Silicon (2022) IF: 2.941 Springer May.2023
4 18 C. Reeda Lenus, M. Haris, C. Sheeja Herobin Rani, T. S. Arun Samuel & J. Ajayan A Non-linear Circuit Model For Silicon Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors Journal of Electronic Materials IF:  2.047 Springer May.2023


S.No S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 15 Dr. V.R.S. Mani, Dr. A. Saravanaselvan and Dr. N. Arumugam Performance comparison of CNN, QNN and BNN deep neural networks for real-time object detection using ZYNQ FPGA node Microelectronics Journal IF:1.605 Elsevier Jan.2022
2 16 Ms.J. E. Jeyanthi and Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel, L. Arivazhagan Optimization of Design Space Parameters in Tunnel Fet for Analog/Mixed Signal Application Silicon IF: 2.670 Springer Jan.2022
3 17 Dr.M.Satheesh Kumar, Dr.K.G.Srinivasagam and G.Unnikrishnan A lightweight and proactive rule-based incremental construction approach to detect phishing scam Information Technology and Management IF: 1.533 Springer Jan.2022
4 18 A. Azhagu Jaisudhan Pazhani and T. S. Arun Samuel High-Speed and Area-Efficient Modified Binary Divider Circuits Systems and Signal Processing IF: 2.225 Springer Feb.2022
5 26 S. Roselin Mary, Vinit Kumar, Dr.K. J. Prasanna Venkatesan, R. Satish Kumar, Naga Padmaja Jagini, and Amedapu Srinivas Vulture-Based AdaBoost-Feedforward Neural Frame Work for COVID-19 Prediction and Severity Analysis System Interdisciplinary Sciences--Computational Life Sciences IF: Springer Feb.2022


S.No S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 15 Ananth Kumar .T, Suresh Kumar.K, Sundaresan.S Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel A novel design of Rogers RT/duroid 5880 material based two turn antenna for intracranial pressure monitoring Microsystem Technologies IF:1.737 Springer Jan. 2021
2 16 Mr.N. Arumugam, Dr.B. Paramasivan A Novel Microprogrammed Reconfigurable Parallel VHBCSE Based FIR Filter for Wireless Sensor Nodes Wireless Personal Communications IF:1.061 Springer Jan.2021
3 17 R. Jeen Retna Kumar, M. Sundaram, Mr. N. Arumugam Facial emotion recognition using subband selective multilevel stationary wavelet gradient transform and fuzzy support vector machine The Visual Computer IF:1.456 Springer Jan.2021
4 18 S. Darwin & A. Rega & Dr.T. S. Arun Samuel & P. Vimala A Numerical Investigation of Stacked Oxide Junctionless High K with VaccumMetal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor Silicon IF:1.499 Springer March.2021
5 26 G. Lakshmi Priya & M. Venkatesh & N. B. Balamurugan & Dr.T. S. Arun Samuel Triple Metal Surrounding Gate Junctionless Tunnel FET Based 6T SRAM Design for Low Leakage Memory System Silicon IF:1.499 Springer April.2021
6 27 S.Parvathi & Dr.S.Tamil Selvi Development of a novel coconut-tree-climbing machine for harvesting Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines IF:2.286 Taylor & Francis April.2021
7 28 Mr.C. Balamurugan, Marichamy Perumalsamy Multiband microstrip patch antenna using copper nano radiating element for X band and C band applications International Journal of Numerical Modelling IF: 0.833 Wiley May.2021
8 29 Mr. C. Balamurugan, P. Marichamy and Dr. R. Harichandran3 Performance Comparison of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using h‑BN Nanoceramic Substrate and FR4 Substrate Wireless Personal Communications IF: 1.061 Springer May.2021
9 30 Ms.J. E. Jeyanthi, Dr.T. S. Arun Samuel, A. Sharon Geege and P. Vimala A Detailed Roadmap from Single Gate to Heterojunction TFET for Next Generation Devices Silicon IF:1.499 Springer June.2021
10 32 Dr.L. Jerart Julus L, Dr.D.Manimegalai and Mrs.C.Asha Beaula, J.Joshan Athanesious, Andrew Roobert A Advanced nonlinear equalizer for Filter Bank Multicarrier- based Long Reach-Passive Optical Network system International Journal of Communication Systems IF:2.047 Wiley Aug.2021


S.No S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 15 D.Jeba Derwin , Dr.S.Tamil Selvi, O.Jeba Singh, B.Priestly Shan A novel automated system of discriminating Microaneurysms in fundus images Biomedical Signal Processing and Control IF:2.943 Elsevier Jan.2020
2 16 S.Darwin, Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel, P.Vimala Impact of two gate oxide with no junction metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor- an analytical model Physica E - Low -dimensional systems and Nanostructures IF:3.176 Elsevier Jan.2020
3 17 C. Usha, P. Vimala,Dr.T. S. Arun Samuel, M. Karthigai Pandian A novel 2‑D analytical model for the electrical characteristics of a gate‑all‑around heterojunction tunnel field‑effect transistor including depletion regions Journal of Computational Electronics IF:1.637 Springer Apr.2020
4 18 P. Vimala, and Dr.T. S. Arun Samuel TCAD Simulation Study of Single-, Double-, and Triple-Material Gate Engineered Trigate FinFETs Physics of Semiconductors Devices IF: 0.691 Springer Apr.2020
5 19 P. Vimala, and Dr.T. S. Arun Samuel Effect of Gate Engineering and Channel Length Variation in Surrounding Gate MOSFETs Journal of Nano Research IF:0.589 Trans Tech June.2020
6 20 Mrs.R.Manjula Devi, Dr.V.Seenivasagam Automatic Segmentation and Classification of Liver Tumor From CT Image Using Feature Difference and SVM Based Classifier-Soft Computing Technique Soft Computing IF:2.784 Springer June.2020
7 21 P.Suveetha Dhanaselvam, P. Vimala, and Dr.T. S. Arun Samuel A 2D Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Double Halo Triple Material Surrounding Gate (DH-TMSG) MOSFET Silicon IF:1.499 Springer Aug.2020
8 22 Mr.I. Vivek Anand, T. S. Arun Samuel & P. Vimala Modeling and simulation of a dualmaterial asymmetric heterodielectric-gate TFET Journal of Computational Electronics IF:1.532 Springer Aug.2020
9 23 P.Vimala, Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel Investigation of Cylindrical Channel Gate All Around InGaAs/InP Heterojunction Heterodielectric Tunnel FETs Silicon IF:1.499 Springer Sep.2020
10 24 Naveena A. Priyadharsini & Dr.S. Tamil Selvi Adaptive Spectrum Aggregation Regimen for Downlink NR-gNodeB and Device to Device Systems in 5G Wireless Personal Communications IF: 1.061 Springer Nov.2020


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Satheesh Kumar M, K.G.Srinivasagan, Jalel Ben-Othman Sniff-Phish: A novel framework for resource intensive computation in cloud to detect email scam Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies IF:1.606 John Wily & Sons, Ltd Mar.2019
2 P.Vanitha, Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel, D.Nirmal A new 2 D mathematical modeling of surrounding gate triple material tunnel FET using halo engineering for enhanced drain current International Journal of Electronics and Communications IF:2.115 Elsevier Feb.2019
3 S.Darwin, Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel Mathematical Modeling of Junctionless Triple Material Double Gate MOSFET for Low Power Applications Journal of Nano Research IF:0.665 Trans Tech Feb.2019
4 S.Darwin, Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel A Holistic Approach on Junctionless Dual Material Double Gate (DMDG) MOSFET with High K Gate Stack for Low Power Digital Applications Silicon IF:1.246 Springer Mar.2019
5 V.Dharshana, N.B.Balamurugan, Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel An Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Surrounding Gate TFET with an Impact of Dual Material Gate and Stacked Oxide for Low Power Applications Journal of Nano Research IF : 0.665 Trans Tech Apr.2019
6 Naveena A.Priyadharsini, Dr.S.Tamil Selvi Effective Scheduling Policies to Optimize Radio Resources between NR-gNodeB and Device to Device Systems in 5G Wireless Personal Communications IF:1.200 Springer May.2019
7 D.Jeba Derwin , Dr.S.Tamil Selvi ,O.Jeba Singh Secondary Observer System for Detection of Microaneurysms in Fundus Images Using Texture Descriptors Journal of Digital Imaging IF:1.536 Springer May.2019
8 Josephine Selle Jeyenathan, Dr.A.Shenbagavalli, B.Venkatraman, M.Menaka, J.Anitha, Victor Hugo C. de Albuquerque Analysis of Transform-Based Features on Lateral View Breast Thermograms Circuits Systems and Signal Processing IF:1.998 Springer June.2019
9 S.Komalavalli, Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel, P.Vimala Performance analysis of triple material tri gate TFET using 3D analytical modelling and TCAD simulation AEU-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS IF:2.853 Elsevier July.2019
10 S.Manikandan, N.B.Balamurugan, Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel Impact of uniform and non-uniform doping variations for ultrathin body junctionless FinFETs Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing IF:2.722 Elsevier Aug.2019


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Mr.J.Josephine selle, Dr.A.Shenbagavalli, Mr.N.Sriraam, Mr.B.Venkatraman, Mr.M.Jayashree, Ms.M.Menaka Automated recognition of ROIs for breast thermograms of lateral view-a pilot study Quantitative Infrared Thermography DOI : 10.1080/17686733.2018.1426137 IF : 1.062 Taylor & Francis Feb.2018
2 Mr.D.Kesavaraja, Dr.A.Shenbagavalli Framework for Fast and Efficient Cloud Video Transcoding System Using Intelligent Splitter and Hadoop MapReduce Wireless Personal Communications DOI : 10.1007/s11277-018-5501-3 IF : 0.951 Springer Feb.2018
3 P.Kavitha, Dr.S.Shanmugavel Analytical Evaluation of Chunk-Based Tractable Multi-Cell OFDMA System RadioEngineering DOI : 10.13164/re.2018.0000 IF : 0.945 Brno University of Technology Apr.2018
4 Dr.V.R.S. Mani Comparison of Three Un-mixing Based Hyperspectral Image Fusion Techniques Journal of the Geological Society of India IF:0.632 Springer May.2018
5 Mr.S.Vairaprakash, Dr.A.Shenbagavalli A discrete rajan transform-based robustness improvement encrypted watermark scheme backed by support vector machine Computers and Electrical Engineering DOI: 10.1016/j.compeleceng.2017.12.029 IF:1.570 Elsevier Aug.2018
6 Mr.D.Kesavaraja, Dr.A.Shenbagavalli QoE enhancement in cloud virtual machine allocation using Eagle strategy of hybrid krill herd optimization Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing IF : 1.930 Elsevier Aug.2018
7 Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel, S.S.Komalavalli Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Triple Material Quadruple Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistors Journal of Nano Research IF : 0.665 Trans Tech Aug.2018
8 R.Solomon Roach, N.Nirmal Singh Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel Resource minimization and power reduction of ESPFFIR filter using unified adder/subtractor Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing IF : 0.800 Springer Aug.2018
9 V.Jeyalakshmi, Dr.S.Tamil Selvi Source compression in two-way two-relay network using compute-and-forward relaying International Journal of Electronics and Communications (AEU) IF :2.115 Elsevier Oct.2018
10 D.David Neels Ponkumar, P.Jagatheeswari, Dr.T.S.Arun Samuel Implementation of VIP for bus interface logic of 32-bit processor using System-Verilog Informacije Midem-Journal of Microelectronics Electronic Components and Materials IF: 0.476 MIDEM 2018


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 G.Rajakumar, A.Andrew Roobert, T.S.Arun Samuel, D. Gracia Nirmala Rani Low power VLSI architecture design of BMC, BPSC and PC schemes Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing DOI10.1007s 10470 – 017 - 1025 - 0, Vol 1 / 1991 – Vol 92 / 2017 IF : 0.623 Springer Publishers Jul.2017
2 R. Anand, T.S.Arun Samuel, P.Melba Mary Improved dynamic response of isolated full bridge DC to DC converter using BATA optimization tuned fuzzy sliding mode controller for solar application International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Vol : 41, Pages: 447-475 IF : 3.582 Elsevier Aug.2017
3 Mr.D.Kesavaraja, Dr.A.Shenbagavalli Scalable robust implementation of reliable streaming (SRIRS) with tristate aware Quality of service Wireless Personal Communications DOI 10.1007/s11277-017-4325-x IF : 0.951 Springer May.2017
4 Ms.S.D.Jayavathi Dr.A.Shenbagavalli FPGA-based Auxiliary Minutest MQ-coder architecture of JPEG2000 Journal of Real-Time Image Processing DOI:10.1007/s11554-017-0683-6 IF : 2.010 Springer Mar.2017
5 Mr.T.Vijayanandh, Dr.A.Shenbagavalli Tamper detection of medical images using statistical moments against various attacks Multimedia Tools and Applications IF : 1.530 Springer Dec.2017


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 E.Golden Julie, Dr.S.Tamil Selvi CDS-Fuzzy Opportunistic Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Personal Communications, DOI 10.10007/s11277-016-3250-8, March 2016 IF:0.653 Springer Science-Business media Mar.2016
2 K.J. Prasanna Venkatesan, V.Vijayarangan Secure and reliable routing in cognitive radio networks Wireless Networks The Journal of Mobile Communication, Computation and Information, DOI: 10.1007/s11276-016-1212-4, March 2016, IF: 0.961 Springer Science-Business media Mar.2016
3 E.Golden Julie, Dr.S.Tamil Selvi, Y.Harold Robinson Performance analysis of Energy Efficient Virtual back bone path based cluster Routing Protocol for WSN Wireless Personal Communications Vol 91, Issue 3, pp 1171 – 1189 IF : 0.701 Springer Jul.2016
4 Mr.S.Rajagopal, Dr.A.Shenbagavalli Design of Real Time Video Encryption System Based on Adaptive Elastic Motion Model in H-264 Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience Vol : 13, No.10,pp.7156-7170 IF : 1.666 American Scientific Publishers Oct.2016


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Ms.J.Helina Rajani, Dr.S.Tamil Selvi Performance analysis of Hybrid Optical Amplifiers for 64 X 10 Gbps DWDM system Asian Journal of Applied Sciences IF : 2.047 Science Alert Jan.2015
2 Mr.S.Lenty Stuwart , Dr.S.Tamil Selvi Precoder based Collaborative Blind Multiuser Detection of CDMA Signals Wireless Personal Communications IF : 0979 Springer Feb.2015
3 Mr.G.Dhanabalan, Dr. S. Tamil Selvi Design of parallel conversion multichannel analog to digital converter for scan time reduction of Programmable Logic Controller using FPGA Computer Standard & Interfaces IF : 1.17 Elsevier Mar.2015
4 Ms.M.Mary Helta Daisy, Dr.S.Tamil Selvi, Ms.R.M.Priyanka Extraction of shape features using Region Based and Contour based method International Journal of Applied Engineering Research IF : 2.06 Research India Publications 2015
5 S.Lenty Stuwart Dr.S.Tamil Selvi Zero Intersymbol Interference multiuser system: a new architecture utilizing m-sequence cyclic property IET Communications, Vol.9, Issue.15, pp.1921-1931, October 2015 IF:0.742 IET Digital Library Sep.2015
6 V.R.S.Mani, Dr. S.ARIVAZHAGAN Fusion of Remote Sensing Images Journal geological society of India , Vol.No. 86, pp- 726-732, December 2015 IF:0.596 Springer Dec.2015


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 J.Deepa, N.Albert Singh, Dr.S.Tamil Selvi Computer-aided detection of breast cancer on mammograms: A swarm intelligence optimized wavelet neural network approach Journal of Biomedical Informatics IF : 2.882 Elsevier Jan.2014

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