Journal Publications

Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 N.Kins Burk Sunil, R.Ganesan, Dr.B.Sankaragomathi Analysis of OSA Syndrome from PPG Signal Using CART-PSO Classifier with Time Domain and Frequency Domain Features CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences IF : 0.581 Tech Science Press Feb.2019
2 V.Suresh, A.Abudhahir, I.Jackson Daniel Characterization of Defects on Ferromagnetic Tubes Using Magnetic Flux Leakage IEEE Transactions on Magnetics IF: 1.467 IEEE Mar.2019
3 Senthil Kumar Sundararajan, Dr.B.Sankaragomathi, D.Saravana Priya Deep Belief CNN Feature Representation Based Content Based Image Retrieval for Medical Images Journal of Medical Systems IF: 2.415 Springer June.2019
4 Dr.I.Jackson Daniel, A.Abudhahir,J.Janet Paulin Tsallis Entropy Segmentation and Shape Feature based Classification of Defects in the Simulated Magnetic Flux Leakage Images of Steam Generator Tubes International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence IF:1.110 World Scientific Sep.2019
5 P. Edwin Dhas,Dr.B. Sankara Gomathi A novel Clustering algorithm by clubbing GHFCM and GWO for microarray gene data Journal of Supercomputing IF:2.157 Springer Sep.2019


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 C.Peter Devadoss, Dr.B.Sankaragomathi Near lossless medical image compression using block BWT-MTF and hybrid fractal compression techniques Cluster Computing pp.1-9, IF : 2.040 Springer Jan.2018
2 M.Carmel Sobia, A.Abudhahir An Efficient Adaptive Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System with Mosquito Host-Seeking For Facial Expression Recognition Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing IF:0.652 AUTOSOFT Jan.2018
3 Dr.R.Arun, Prakash Jagedeesan Design of internal model control dead-time compensation scheme for first order plus dead-time systems The Canadian journal of Chemical Engineering Vol. 9999, DOI 10.1002/cjce.23202 IF: 1.356 Wiley Mar.2018
4 J.Sam Alaric, V.Suresh, A.Abudhahir, M.Carmel Sobia, M.Baarkavi Theoretical Analysis of the Rectangular Defect Orientation using Magnetic Flux Leakage Measurement Science Review DOI:10.1515/msr-2018-005 IF : 1.344 De-Gruyter Mar.2018
5 I.Jackson Daniel, A.Abudhahir, K.Shankar, Soundra Pandi Detection and Classification of Discontinuities using Discrete Wavelet Transform and MFL Testing Materials Evaluation IF:0.162 American Society of Nondestructive Testing Jun.2018


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Mr.V.Suresh, Dr.A.Abudhahir, Mr.I.Jackson daniel Development of magnetic flux leakage measuring system for detection of defect in small diameter steam generator tube Measurement Vol 95, page 273 – 279 IF : 1.742 Elsevier Jan.2017
2 Mr.I.Jackson Daniel, A.Abudhahir, Mr.J.Janet Paulin Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) based defect characterization of steam Generator Tubes using Artificial Neural Networks. Journal of Magnetics ISSN: 2233-6656, DOI :10.4283/JMAG.2017.22.1.034 IF : 0.713 The Korean magnetic society Mar.2017
3 Mr.T.Ramakrishnan, Dr.B.Sankaragomathi A professional estimate on the computed tomograph brain tumor images using SVM – S MO for classification and MRG – GWO for Segmentation Pattern Recognition Letters Vol.94, PgNo : 163 - 171 ISSN : 0167 - 8655 IF : 1.995 Elsevier Jul.2017
4 Mr.R.Muniraj, Dr.M. Willjuice Iruthayarajan, Dr.R.Arun Tuning of robust PID controller with filter for SISO system using evolutionary algorithms Studies in informatics and control Vol. 26 (3) pg. 277-286 ISSN : 1220-1766 Eissn: 1841-429X IF : 0.776 ICI Bucharest Sep.2017
5 Dr.R.Arun Model based multivariable control scheme in a reset configuration for stable multivariable system. The Canadian journal of chemical engineering IF : 1.356 Wiley Nov.2017
6 Mr.Muthukumar, Dr.B.Sankaragomathi Assorted carrier-variable frequency-random PWM scheme for voltage source inverter IET-Power Electronics DOI : 10.1049/iet-pel.2016.0580 ISSN : 1755-4543 Vol.10, No.4, pp. 1993 – 2001 IF : 3.547 IET Digital Library Nov.2017
7 M.Carmel Sobia, A.Abudhahir Performance Comparisons Of Facial Expression Recognition In Jaffe And Cohen-Kanade Database Interciencia Vol43. No.1 IF : 0.221 Interciencia Association 2017


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Ms. V.SheejaKumari, Dr.B.Sankaragomathi Brain tumor detection from MRI images using histon based segmentation and modified neural network. Biomedical Research ISSN 0970 – 938X IF 0.226 American scientific publisher Jan.2016
2 V.Suresh, Dr.A.Abudhahir An analytical model for Prediction of Magnetic Flux Leakage from Surface Defects in Feromagnetic Tubes Measurement Science Review, Vol.16, March 2016 IF:0.989 Institute of Measurement Science, Slovak Academy of Sciences Feb.2016
3 Mr.T.Ramakrishnan, Dr.B.Sankaragomathi A Professional Analysis and Evaluation of Computed Tomography Brain Tumor Images using SDNN for Segmentation and SOM-LS-SVM for Classification Journal of medical imaging and health informatics Vol.6, No.6, October 2016, pp. 1426-1429(4) IF : 0.877 American Scientific publisher Oct.2016
4 V.Suresh, A.Abudhahir Dipole Model to Predict the Rectangular Defection Ferromagnetic Pipe Journal of Magnetics 21(3), 437-441, 2016, IF : 0.421 The Korean Magnetics Society 2016


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 V.Sheejakumari, Dr.B.Sankaragomathi MRI Brain Images and Pathological Tissues Classification with the AID of Improved Particle Swarm Optimization and Neural Network Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, Vol.2015, Article ID: 807826 IF:0.766 Hindawi Apr.2015