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S.No S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 5 I.Gethzi Ahila Poornima, Dr.B.Paramasivan Anomaly detection in wireless sensor network using machine learning algorithm Computer Communications IF:2.766 Elsevier Jan.2020
2 6 Dr.S.Vimal, Manju Khari, Nilanjan Dey, Ruben Gonzalez Crespo, Y.Harold Robinson Enhanced resource allocation in mobile edge computing using reinforcement learning based MOACO algorithm for IIOT Computer Communications IF:2.766 Elsevier Jan.2020
3 7 Dr.S.Vimal, Manju Khari, Ruben Gonzalez Crespo, Dr.L.Kalaivani, Nilanjan Dey, M.Kaliappan Energy enhancement using Multiobjective Ant colony optimization with Double Q learning algorithm for IoT based cognitive radio networks Computer Communications IF:2.766 Elsevier Mar.2020
4 8 M.Sivaram, M.Kaliappan, S.Jeya Shobana, M.Viju Prakash, V.Porkodi, K.Vijayalakshmi,Dr. S. Vimal, A. Suresh. Secure storage allocation scheme using fuzzy based heuristic algorithm for cloud Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing IF: 1.910 Springer May.2020
5 9 Mrs.R.Sujitha ,Dr.V.Seenivasagam Classification of lung cancer stages with machine learning over big data healthcare framework Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing IF:1.910 Springer May.2020
6 10 S.Pradeepa, K.R.Manjula, Dr.S.Vimal,Mohammad S. Khan, Naveen Chilamkurti, Ashish Kr.Luhach DRFS:Detecting Risk Factor of Stroke Disease from Social Media Using Machine Learning Techniques Neural Processing Letters IF:2.591 Springer June.2020
7 11 Mrs.R.Manjula Devi, Dr.V.Seenivasagam Automatic Segmentation and Classification of Liver Tumor From CT Image Using Feature Difference and SVM Based Classifier-Soft Computing Technique Soft Computing IF:2.784 Springer June.2020
8 12 Mr.S.Deenathayalan, Dr.B.Paramasivan A Comprehensive Approach to Avoid Node Selfishness and Data Redundancy Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems IF: 1.851 IOS Press June.2020
9 13 S.Pasupathi,Dr.S.Vimal, Y.Harold-Robinson,Manju Khari & Elena Verdú & Rubén González Crespo Energy efficiency maximization algorithm for underwater Mobile sensor networks Earth Science Informatics IF: 1.450 Springer June.2020
10 14 Dr.R.Muthu kumar, Dr.D.Manimegalai. Secured transmission using trust strategy-based dynamic Bayesian game in underwater acoustic sensor networks Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing IF:4.594 Springer Aug.2020


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 L.Jerart Julus , Dr.D.Manimegalai, S.Sibi Chakkaravarthy FBMC-based dispersion compensation using artificial neural network equalization for long reach passive optical network International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing IF: 0.540 World Scientific Apr.2019
2 Karkuzhali.S, Dr.D.Manimegalai Distinguising Proof of Diabetic Retinopathy Detection by Hybrid Approaches in Two Dimensional Retinal Fundus Images Journal of Medical Systems IF:2.098 Springer May.2019
3 Karkuzhali.S, Dr.D.Manimegalai Robust intensity variation and inverse surface adaptive thresholding techniques for detection of optic disc and exudates in retinal fundus images Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering IF:2.159 Elsevier Jul.2019
4 R.Geetha, S.Sivasubramanian, M.Kaliappan, Dr.S.Vimal, Suresh Annamalai Cervical Cancer Identification with Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique and PCA Analysis using Random Forest Classifier Journal of Medical Systems IF:2.415 Springer July.2019


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 S. Karkuzhali D. Manimegalai Retinal haemorrhages segmentation using improved toboggan segmentation algorithm in diabetic retinopathy imges. Biomedical Research Vol. 28, Issue 13 ISSN 0970-938X IF : 0.219 Scientific Publisher Jan.2018
2 S.Sudhakar llango, S.Vimal, Dr.M.Kaliappan, P.Subbulakshmi Optimization using Artificial Bee Colony based clustering approach for big data Cluster Computing ISSN: 1386-7857 IF : 2.040 Springer Feb.2018
3 S.Chidambaram, Dr.K.G.Srinivasagan Performance evaluation of support vector machine classification approaches in data mining Cluster Computing ISSN 1573-7543 Vol.No. 20 IF : 2.040 Springer Feb.2018
4 Mr.A.Saravanaselvan, Dr.B.Paramasivan Design and implementation of an efficient attack resilient computation algorithm in WSN nodes Cluster Computing ISSN 1573-7543 DOI : 10.1007/s10586-018-1851-6 IF : 2.040 Springer Mar.2018
5 N.Kannan, S.Sivasubramanian, Dr.M.Kaliappan, Mr.S.Vimal, A.Suresh Predictive big data analytic on demonetization data using support vector machine Cluster Computing IF : 1.601 Springer Mar.2018
6 M.Bhuvaneswari, Dr.B.Paramasivan, A.Kandasamy Stochastic dynamic programming model for optimal resource allocation in vehicular ad hoc networks Sadhana-Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences DOI : 10.1007/s12046-018-0853-7 IF : 0.465 Springer Apr.2018
7 E.Siva Sankari, Dr.D.Manimegalai, Predicting membrane protein types by incorporating a novel feature set into Chou’s general PseAAc Journal of Theoretical Biology IF : 1.833 Elsevier Oct.2018
8 Mr.S.Vimal, Dr.L.Kalaivani, Dr.M.Kaliappan, A.Suresh, Xiao-Zhi Gao and R.Varatharajan Development of secured data transmission using machine learning- based discrete-time partially observed Markov model and energy optimization in cognitive radio networks Neural Computing and Applications IF : 4.213 Springer Nov.2018
9 K.Maharajan, Dr.B.Paramasivan Membrane computing inspired protocol to enhance security in cloud network The Journal of Supercomputing IF:1.532 Springer Oct.2018
10 N.Kannan, S.Sivasubramanian, Dr.M.Kaliappan, S.Vimal, A.Suresh, P.Subbulakshmi Artificial Intelligence based attack mitigation Using Stochastic Game Theory Modelling with WQLA in Congnitive Radio Networks Journal of Web Engineering IF:0.311 River 2018


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 S. Karkuzhali, D. Manimegalai Computational intelligence-based decision support system for glaucoma detection Biomedical Research Vol. 28 (II) ISSN 0970-938X IF : 0.219 Scientific Publisher Jan.2017
2 Mr.R.Muthukkumar, Dr.D.Manimegalai Enhancing cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio ad hoc networks using priority based two stage detection model. Wireless Netw. Vol.23Pg.No IF : 1.006 Springer May.2017
3 S. Vimal,L.Kalaivani,M.Kaliappan Collaborative approach on mitigating spectrum sensing data hijack attack and dynamic spectrum allocation based on CASG modeling in wireless cognitive radio networks Cluster Computing Vol. 20, No.3, ISSN 1386-7857 IF : 2.040 Springer Aug.2017


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 E.Siva Sankari, Dr.D.Manimegalai Predicting membrane protein types using various decision tree classifiers based on various modes of general PseAAC for imbalanced datasets. Journal of Theoretical Biology Vol. 435 (2017), Pg. No. 208-217 IF : 2.113 Elsevier May.2016
2 Dr. M.Kaliappan, Dr. B.Paramasivan Enhancing energy efficiency and load balancing in mobile ad hoc network using dynamic genetic algorithms Journal of Network and computer applications. Vol.73Page No : 35 – 43 IF : 2.331 Elsevier Jul.2016
3 Mr.R.Muthukumar, Dr.D.Manimegalai Enhanced Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in CRAHNs Using Distributed Dynamic Load-Balanced Clustering Scheme Wireless personal communication, pp:1-19, IF : 0.701 Springer Aug. 2016


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Ms.S.Selvi, Dr.D.Manimegalai Task Scheduling using Two-Phase variable neighborhood search algorithm on heterogeneous computing and grid environments Arabian journal for science and engineering SPRINGER Jan.2015
2 Dr.V.Seenivasagam, Mr.R.Chitra Myocardial infraction detection using intelligent algorithms Neural Network World Vol.26 pp : 91 – 110 IF : 0.56 Czech Academy of Sciences Jan.2015
3 Ms.M.Mohaideen Fatima alias Niraimathi, Dr.V.Seenivasagam Radial Tracing Method of Cytoplasm Segmentation in Overlapped Cervical Cell Images IETE Journal of Research IF : 019 Taylor & Francis Mar.2015
4 S.Raja Rajeswari, Dr.V.Seenivasagam Secured Energy Conserving Slot-Based Topology Maintenance Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Personal Communications ISSN: 0929-6212 IF:0.653 SPRINGER, 233 SPRING ST, NEW YORK, USA, NY, 10013 Oct. 2015
5 Mr.G.Aravind Swaminathan, Dr.D.Manimegai, Mr.S.Murugeswari Enhancing Energy Effiency in visual sensor networking through actor node International Journal of Applied Engineering Research IF : 2.291 Research India Nov.2015


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Ms.D.Mary Sugantharathnam Dr.D.Manimegalai Removal of poisson Noise in medical images using FDCT integrated with RUDIN-OSHER-FATEMI Model Biomedical Engineering – Application, Basis and Communication IF : 0.23 World Scientific Oct . 2014
2 Mr.M.Victor Jose, Dr.V.Seenivasagam Four Factor Secure Authentication and Authorization for Economic Grid Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology IF : 0.501 Maxwell Scientific Mar.2014
3 Ms.D.Santhi, Dr.D.Manimegalai, Ms.S.Karkuzhali Diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy by exudates detection using clustering techniques Biomedical Engineering-Applications, Basis and Communications World Scientific Publishing Co 2014