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S.No S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 20 Mr.S.R. Sundara Baharathi, Dr.D.Ravindaran, Mr.A.Arul Marcel Moshi Multi Response Optimization of CNC Turning Parameters on Austenitic Stainless Steel 303 using Taguchi Based Grey Relational Analysis Transactions of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering IF : 0.243 Canadian Science Publishing Jan.2020
2 21 Dr.P.Hariharasakthisudan, B.Surya Rajan,and K.Sathickbasha Inspiration of reinforcements, manufacturing methods, and microstructural changes on wear behavior of metal matrix composites-a recent review Materials Research Express IF:1.449 IOP Jan.2020
3 22 Mr.A. Arul Marcel Moshi, Dr.D. Ravindran, Mr.S.R. Sundara Bharathi, S. Indran , G. Suganya Priyadharshini Characterization of surface-modified natural cellulosic fiber extracted from the root of Ficus religiosa tree International Journal of Biological Macromolecules IF:4.784 Elsevier Apr.2020
4 23 A.Karthick, Mr.P.Ramanan, Aritra Ghosh,B.Stalin, and Mr.R.Vignesh Kumar, I.Baranilingesan Performance enhancement of Copper indium diselenide photovoltaic module using inorganic phase change material Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering IF: 1.396 WILEY May.2020
5 24 Dr.M.Kathiresan Influence of shape, size and location of cutouts on crashworthiness performance of aluminium conical frusta under quasi-static axial compression Thin -Walled Structures IF:3.488 Elsevier May.2020
6 25 Dr.P Hariharasakthisudhan , Logesh Kamaraj, Surya Rajan Balachandran, and Sathickbasha Kathar Basha Reusing exhausted alkaline battery powder as reinforcement in AA6061 composites and mechanical characterization Energy sources Part A - Recovery, Utilization and Environmental effects IF: 1.184 Taylor&Francis July.2020
7 26 Mr.A. Arul Marcel Moshi, Dr.D. Ravindran, Mr.S.R. Sundara Bharathi, S.R.Padma, S. Indran , D.Divya Characterization of natural cellulosic fiber extracted from Grewia damine flowering plant's stem International Journal of Biological Macromolecules IF:5.162 Elsevier July.2020
8 27 Mr. C.Veera Ajay Parameter Optimization in Incremental Forming of Titanium Alloy Material Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals IF:1.205 Springer July.2020
9 28 K. Logesh, P.Hariharasakthisudhan, B.Surya Rajan, A. Arul Marcel Moshi, V. Khalkar Effect of multi-walled carbon nano-tube on mechanical behavior of glass laminate aluminum reinforced epoxy composites Polymer Composites IF:2.265 Wiley Aug.2020
10 29 P.Paulraj, Dr.R.Harichandran The tribological behavior of hybrid aluminum alloy nanocomposites at High temperature: Role of nanoparticles Journal of Materials Research and Technology IF: 5.289 Elsevier Aug.2020


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 M. John Iruthaya Raj K. Manisekar, Manoj Gupta Central Composite Experimental Design Applied to the Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Mg/Mica Composites Journal of Tribology - Transactions of the ASME IF : 1.787 ASME Jan.2019
2 S.Ravikumar, Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy, V.Muralidhran Fault diagnosis of self-aligning toughing rollers in belt conveyor system using k-star algorithm Journal of the International Measurement Confederation IF : 2.218 Elsevier Feb.2019
3 H.Harichandran, P.Paulraj, S.Moha Pon Raja, J.Kalyana Raman Effect of h-BN solid nanolubricant on the performance of R134-polyolester oil-based vapour compression refrigeration system Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering IF :1.627 Springer Feb.2019
4 B Surya Rajan, M A S Balaji, A B Mohamed Aslam Nooranin Md Usaid Hammad Khateeb, P Hariharasakthisudan Prince Arockia Doss Tribological performance evaluation of newly synthesized silane treated shell powders in friction composites Materials Research Express IF:1.151 IOP Mar.2019
5 P.Hariharasakthisudhan,A.Arul Marcel Moshi,S.R.Sundara Bharathi,K.Logesh Regression and Grey relational analysis on friction and wear behavior of AA6061/Al2O3/Si3N4/ graphite hybrid nano composites Materials Research Express IF:1.151 IOP May.2019
6 Dr.S.Iyahraja, J.Selwin Rajadurai, B.Siva Subramanian, S.Siva Subramanian, P.Sivasankar, S.Subash Investigation on convective heat transfer and friction factor of silver–water nanofluid under laminar flow – an experimental study Heat and Mass Transfer IF:1.494 Springer May.2019
7 Mr.P.Ramanan, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel, A.Karthick Performance analysis and energy metrics of grid-connected photovoltaic systems Energy for Sustainable Development IF: 3.307 Elsevier Aug.2019
8 P.Radha , N.Selvakumar, Dr.R.Harichandran Computational Intelligence For Analysing The Mechanical Properties Of Aa 2219 – (B4c + H-Bn) Hybrid Nano Composites Processed By Ultrasound Assisted Casting Archives Of Metallurgy And Materials IF:0697 Polish Academy of Sciences Aug.2019
9 Mr.A.Arul Marcel Moshi,Dr.D.Ravindran,Mr.S.R.Sundara Bharathi,S.Indran S.S.Saravanakumar, Yucheng Liu Characterization of a new cellulosic natural fiber extracted from the root of Ficus religiosa tree International Journal Of Biological Macromolecules IF : 4.784 Elsevier Sep.2019
10 A Karthick,Dr.K Kalidasa Murugavel,Mr.K.Sudalaiyandi and A Muthu Manokar Building integrated photovoltaic modules and the integration of phase Change Materials for equatorial applications Building Services Engineering Research & Technology IF :1.170 SAGE Oct.2019


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 P. Harihara sakthiksudhan, S. Jose Influence of metal powder premixing on mechanical behavior of dual reinforcement (Al2O3(µm)/Si3N4(nm) in AA6061 matrix Journal of Alloys and Compounds ISSN: 0925-8388 IF : 3.133 Elsevier Jan.2018
2 A.Karthick, K.Kalidasa Murugavel P. Ramanan Performance enhancement of a building-integrated photovoltaic module using phase change material Energy Vol. 142, Pg. 803-812 IF : 4.520 Elsevier Jan.2018
3 D.Vignesh kumar, Dr.D.Ravindran, N.Lenin, M.Sivakumar Tolerance allocation of complex assembly with nominal dimension selection using Artificial Bee Colony algorithm Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science IF : 1.015 Sage Feb.2018
4 Dr.S.Iyahraja, J.Selwin Rajadurai, S.Rajesh, R.Seeni Thangaraj Pandian, M.Selva kumaran, G.Selvakumar Studies on heat transfer and pressure drop in turbulent flow of silver-water nanofluids through a circular tube at constant wall heat flux Heat and Mass Transfer DOI.10.1007/s00231-018-2291-9 IF : 1.233 Springer Feb.2018
5 P. Harihara sakthiksudhan, S.Jose, K.Manisekar Dry sliding wear behavior of single and dual ceramic reinforcements premixed with Al powder in AA6061 matrix Journal of Materials Research and Technology DOI :10.1016/j.jmrt.2018.01.005 IF : 2.359 Elsevier Mar.2018
6 Lenin Nagarajan, Sivakumar Mahalingam, Selvakumar Gurusamy, Vignesh Kuamr Dharmaraj Solution for bi-objective single row facility layout problem using artificial bee colony European Journal of Industrial Engineering Vol.12, No.2, 2018 IF : 0.775 Inderscience Mar.2018
7 P.Madhu, T.Stephen Livingston, Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy Flash Pyrolysis of Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon flexuous) for Bio-oil Production in an Electrically Heated Fluidized Bed Reactor Waste Biomass Valor IF : 1.874. Springer Jun.2018
8 R.Rethan Raj, Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy Influence of abrasive water jet machining parameter on performance characteristic of AA7075-ZrSiO4 –hBN hybrid metal matrix composites Materials Research Express IF : 1.151 IOP Aug.2018
9 M.M.Mohaideen, Dr.D.Ravindran, I.Neethimanickam Effect of Nanomaterials on Mechanical Properties of Kevlar Composites Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures IF : 0.673 DIG J NANOMATER BIOS Sep.2018
10 Mr.A.Karthick, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel and Dr.L.Kalaivani Performance analysis of semitransparent photovoltaic module for skylights Energy IF : 4.968 Elsevier Nov.2018


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Dr.M.Kathiresan, Dr.K.Manisekar Low velocity axial collapse behavior of E-glass fiber /epoxy composite conical frusta Composite Structures Vol No : 166 Page No : 1-11 IF : 3.853 Elsevier Apr.2017
2 S.R.Sundara Bharathi, R.Rajeshkumar, A.Razal Rose, V.Balasubramanian Mechanical properties and microstructural characteristics of friction welded dissimilar joints of Aluminium Alloys Transaction of the Indian Institute of Metals IF : 0.533 Springer May.2017
3 T.Chenthil Jegan, Dr.D.Ravindran Electrochemical machining process parameter optimization using particle swarm optimization Computational Intelligence DOI : 10.1111/coin.12139 IF : 0.964 Wiley Aug.2017
4 Dr.R.Harichandran, N.Selvakumar Microstructure and mechanical characterization of (B4C+h-BN)/Al hybrid nanocomposites processed by ultrasound assisted casting International Journal of Mechanical Sciences DOI : 10.1016/j.ijmecsci.2017.08.039 IF: 2.884 Elsevier Aug.2017
5 R.Samuel Hansen, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Enhancement of integrated solar still using different new absorber configurations: An experimental approach Desalination Vol.422, Pg. 59-67 IF : 5.527 Elsevier Nov.2017


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 D Venkatkumar, D Ravindran 3D finite element simulation of temperature distribution, residual stress and distortion on304 stainless steel plates using GTA welding. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 30(1) (2016) 67-76 IF:0.838 Springer Jan.2016
2 R.Harichandran, N.Selvakumar Effect of nano/micro B4C particles on the mechanical properties of aluminium metal matrix composites fabricated by ultrasonic cavitation – assisted olidification process Archives of civil and mechanical engineering 16(2016) 147 -158 IF:1.793 Elsevier Jan.2016
3 M.Kathiresan, K.Manisekar Axial crush behaviours and energy absorption characteristics of aluminium and E-glass/ epoxy over-wrapped aluminum conical frusta under low velocity impact loading Composite Structures, 136(2016), pp. 86-100.IF:3.318 Elsevier Feb.2016
4 R.Harichandran,N.Selvakumar High Temperature Wear Behaviour of Nano/Micro B4C Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites Fabricated by an Ultrasonic Cavitaion-Assisted Solidification Process Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 1-13, DOI:10.1007/s12666-016-0856-1 IF:0.615 Springer Mar.2016
5 P. Senthil Kumar K.Manisekar, K.S.C.Vettivel Effect of extrusion on the microstructure and tribological behavior of Copper-tin composites containing MoS2 Tribology Transactions Vol.No. 10 .1080/ 10402004.2015, IF:1.349 Taylor & Francis Jun.2016
6 Dr.D.Ravindran, Mr.I.Sankar Investigation on wear behaviors and worn surface morphology of surface treated palmyra fruit fiber / polyester composites to appraise the effects of fiber surface treatments. Polymer Composites Vol.23, pg.No. : 217-226 IF : 2.004 Wiley Jul.2016
7 S.Babu, Dr.K.Manisekar, Er.S.Kalaiselvi Heat Transfer analysis of slewing Ring Bearing for high Thermal Applications Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications Vol.No : 9 Pg.No : 011006 –1 IF : 0.809 American Science of Mechanical Engineering Jul.2016
8 P. Madhu, Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy, I.Neethi Manickam Flash pyrolysis of palmyra palm (Borassus flabellifer) using an electrically heated flidized bed reactor Energy Sources, Part A : Recovery, Utilization, And Environmental Effects, Vol. 38, pp : 1699-1705, IF : 0.455 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC Jun.2016
9 P. Madhu, I.Neethi Manickam & Dr.H.Kanagasabapathy Production and characterization of phenolic compounds by flash pyrolysis of palmyra palm Energy Sources, Part A : Recovery, Utilization, And Environmental Effects, Vol. 38, pp : 2161-2169, IF : 0.455 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC Aug.2016
10 Dr.K.Kalidasamurugavel, G.Esakimuthu, R.Arunkumar Performances of packed bed double pass solar air heater with different inclinations and transverse wire mesh with different intervals Desalination Vol: 399 Pg.No: 198-202 IF : 4.412 Elsevier Seb.2016


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 M.S.Starvin, K.Manisekar, A. Simon Christopher K.Selvakumar A New Stable Numerical Method to Find the Change in Angle of Contact in Angular Contact Ball Bearing Subject to Thrust Load Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association Vol. 21 No 2, 339-350, 2015 IF:0.443 Oxidation Communication Jan.2015
2 Ms.K.S.Maheswari, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Mr.G.Esakkimuthu Thermal Desalination using diesel engine exhaust waste heat-An experimental analysis Desalination IF : 3.96 Elsevier Feb.2015
3 Mr.R.S.Hansen, Mr.C.S.Narayanan, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Performance analysis on inclined solar still with different new wick materials and wire mesh Desalination IF : 3.96 Elsevier Feb.2015
4 Mr.N.Karthikeyan, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel, Mr.S.A.Kumar, Mr.S.Rajkumar Review of aerodynamic developments on small horizontal axis wind turbine blade Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews IF : 5.51 Elsevier Feb.2015
5 Mr.T.Elango, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel The effect of the water depth on the productivity for single and double basin double slope glass solar stills Desalination IF : 3.96 Elsevier Mar.2015
6 Mr.T.Elango, Mr.A.Kannan, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Performance study on single basin sibgle slope solar still with different water nanofluids Desalination IF : 3.96 Elsevier Mar.2015
7 Mr.S.Babu, Dr.K.Manisekar, Mr.P.Senthil Kumar Dr.D.Rajenthirakumar Experimental Study of thermal Contact Resistance in Hardened Bearing Surfaces Experimental Heat Transfer: A Journal of Thermal energy Generation, Transport, Storage and Conversion IF : 0.4 Yildiz Technical University Mar.2015
8 S Iyahraja J Selwin Rajadurai Study of thermal conductivity enhancement of aqueous suspensions containing silver nanoparticles AIP Advances 5, 057103(2015) 2013 IF:1.524 APL Photonics May.2015
9 F Michael Thomas Rex Dr.D.Ravindran An Integrated approach for optimal fixture layout design Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part B - Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 2015 IF:0.954 SAGE Jul.2015
10 P.Madhu I.Neethi Manickam H.Kanagasabapathy Production and Upgradation of Cotton Shell Pyrolic Oil for Biofuel from Flash Pyrolysis by Fluidized Bed Reactor Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical Sciences, DOI 10.1007/s40010-015-0220-6 IF:0.242 Springer Jul.2015


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Sam Stanley SUGUNTHARAJ GNANADURAI, Anbarasan VIJAY KUMAR, K. Kalidasa Murugavel Performances of packed bed double pass solar air heater with different inclinations and transverse wire mesh with different intervals THERMAL SCIENCE: Year 2016, Vol.20, No. 1, pp. 173-181 IF: 1.222 Society of Thermal Engineers, Serbia Jan.2014
2 Mr.P.Senthil Kumar Dr.K.Manisekar Mr.R.Narayanasamy Experimental and Prediction of Abrasive Wear Behaviour of sintered Cu-Sic Composites containing Graphite by using Artificial Neural Network Tribology Transactions IF : 0.85 Taylor & Francis Jan.2014
3 Mr.J.Aldrin Raj, Dr.D.Ravindran, Mr.M.Saravanan, Mr.T.Prabaharan Simultaneous scheduling of machines and tools in multimachine flexible manufacturing systems using artificial immune system algorithm International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing IF : 0.94 Taylor & Francis 2014
4 Mr.T.Rajaseenivasan, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel, Mr.T.Elango Performance and exergy analysis of a double-basin solar still with different materials in basin Desalination and Water Treatment IF : 0.99 Taylor & Francis Jun.2014
5 Mr.P.S.Kumar, Dr.K.Manisekar, Mr.M.Poovaragan, Mr.R.Narayanasamy Dry Sliding Wear Performance of Cu-Sn Composites Containing MoS2 using the Taguchi Techniques Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association IF : 0.32 Scientific Bulgarian Communication Jun.2014
6 Mr.I.Shankar, Dr.D.Ravindran Fiber Loading and treatment effects on dry sliding wear of Palmyra fruit fiber composites Science and Engineering of Composite Materials IF : 0.59 Walter de Gruyter GmbH Oct.2014
7 P.Madhu, H.Kanagasabapathy, I.Neethi Manickam Cotton shell utilization as a source of biomass energy for bio-oil by flash pyrolysis on electrically heated fluidized bed reactor Journal of mater cycles waste management DOI 10.1007/s10163-014-0318-y IF:0.95 Springer Oct.2014
8 Mr.A.Muthu Manokar, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel, Mr.G.Easkkimuthu Different parameters affecting the rate of evaporation and condensation on passive solar still- A review Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews IF : 5.51 Elsevier Oct.2014
9 Mr.K.Devanarayanan, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Integrated collector storage solar water heater with compound parabolic concentrator-development and progress Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews IF : 5.51 Elsevier Nov.2014
10 Mr.V.Krishnavel, Mr.A.Karthick, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Experimental Analysis of Concrete Absorber Solar Water Heating Systems Energy and Buildings IF : 2.47 Elsevier Dec.2014