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S.No S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 1 P. Aji Udhaya a , Awais Ahmad b 1, M. Meena c, M. Abila Jeba Queen a, M. Aravind d, P. Velusamy e, Tahani Mazyad Almutairi f, Abdallah.A.A. Mohammed f, Shafaqat Ali Copper Ferrite nanoparticles synthesised using a novel green synthesis route: Structural development and photocatalytic activity Journal of Molecular Structure Impact Factor 3.841 Elsevier Jan.2023
2 2 Jini D, Aravind M, Norah Salem Alsaiari, Fatimah Mohammed Alzahrani & Mika Sillanpää Investigation on structural, optical, morphological, electrical, mechanical and biological activities of pure and crystal violet dye-doped epsomite single crystals Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics impact factor of 2.779 Springer Feb.2023
3 3 M. Aravind M. Amalanathan Sadia Aslam c,Arsh E Noor,D. Jini b Saadat Majeed,P. Velusamy,Asma A. Alothman, Razan A. Alshgari Mohammed Sheikh Saleh Mushab Mika Sillanpaa Hydrothermally synthesized Ag-TiO2 nanofibers (NFs) for photocatalytic dye degradation and antibacterial activity Chemosphere IF: 8.943 Elsevier Feb.2023
4 6 M.A.Neelakandan, V.Raja Toxic uranium contamination in groundwater of Thoothukudi district, India: Evaluation of health risks using the geochemical and statistical approach "Toxin Reviews" 3.166 Taylor & Francis Feb.2023
5 7 M.A.Neelakandan, V.Raja Application of GIS technique to address the uranium contamination in groundwater of a hard rock aquifer, South India Geocarto International IF:3.450 Taylor & Francis Feb.2023
6 8 Mary Harli Mol Edwin, Dr. Aravind Mani & Ajin Sundar Sundara Raj Efficient and environmentally friendly synthesis of biologically inspired titanium dioxide nanoparticles using Jasminum auriculatum for diverse biological applications: antibacterial, antifungal, antidiabetic, and anti-inflammatory properties Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery " IF: 4.050 Springer Aug.2023
7 9 L R Gabriya, A. Darlin Mary & Dr.M Aravind Investigation on structural, optical, morphological, elemental, dielectric, mechanical, thermal, and second harmonic generation properties of various dye doped L-Lysine potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate single crystals for optoelectronic devices Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics IF:2.779 Springer Sep.2023


S.No S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 1 P.Kowsalya, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Nattamai, S.P.Bhuvanesh Tetranuclear Cu(II) complex with [2+4] Cu4O4 cubane based core framework derived from 2-[{2-(1-hydroxy-ethyl)-phenylimino}-methyl]-6-methoxy-phenol: Quantifying conventional and unconventional interactions and QTAIM analysis Journal of Molecular Structure IF:3.196 Elsevier April.2022
2 2 Velayutham Raja, Dr.M.A.Neelakanatan Spatial interpretation, radiological mapping of background gamma radiation and risk evaluation for Southern regions of Tamil Nadu, India Environmental Forensics IF: 1.328 Taylor & Francis May.2022
3 3 Dr.V.Ramasubbu, P.Ram Kumar, T.Chellapandi, G.Madhumitha, E.M.Mothi, X. SahayaShajan Zn(II) porphyrin sensitized (TiO2@Cd-MOF) nanocomposite aerogel as novel photocatalyst for the effective degradation of methyl orange (MO) dye Optical Materials IF: 3.080 Elsevier June.2022
4 6 J.Eswaran, Anusuya Mariappan, Nagaveni Arumugham, M.Theetharappan, Nattamai sp Bhuvanesh, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Santhanaraj Daniel and Kanthapazham Ruthenium(III) and (II) complexes containing pyridine moiety: Synthesis, crystal structure and in vitro biological evaluation Journal of Molecular Structure IF:3.841 Elsevier Oct.2022
5 7 Dr. M. Aravind M.Amalanathan NafisAhmed M.Sony Michel Mary P.Velusamy T.Kumaresubitha RaziaNoreen ShafaqatAli The influence of activated carbon annealing temperature on sunlight-driven photocatalytic dye degradation and biological activity Inorganic Chemistry Communications IF:3.428 Elsevier Dec.2022
6 8 Ms. P. Mala Muthusamy Palanivel Siluvayan Priyan Anuwat Jirawattanapanit Grienggrai Rajchakit Pramet Kaewmesri Sustainable Supply Chain System for Defective Products with Different Carbon Emission Strategies Sustainability IF:3.889 MDPI Dec.2022
7 9 Dr. E.Ramachandran Thangavel Thirunavukkarasu, Karuppannan Natarajan Hazel A.Sparkes Saud I.Al-Resayes MohammadAzam, A study on the applications of 3-amino quinoline complexes of Pd(II) as catalysts for the Suzuki-Miyaura coupling of aryl halides in aqueous and organic media Polyhedron IF: 2.975 Elsevier Nov.2022
8 10 Dr. V. Ramasubbu P.Ram Kumar Effect of deoxycholic acid co-sensitization in porphyrin dye on quasi-solid dye-sensitized solar cells comprising titania aerogel with a large surface area Solid-State Electronics IF:1.916 Elsevier Nov.2022


S.No S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 1 Velayutham Raja, Mrs.R.Venkada Lakshmi, Dr.C.Puthiya Sekar, Sabarathinam Chidambaram, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Groundwater of Industrial Township Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, India Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Springer Jan.2021
2 2 V.Raja, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Evaluation of Groundwater Quality with Health Risk Assessment of Fluoride and Nitrate in Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu,India Arabian Journal of Geosciences IF:1.37 Springer Jan.2021
3 3 V.Raja, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Pollution and noncarcinogenic health risk levels of nitrate and fluoride in groundwater of Ramanathapuram district, Tamil Nadu, India International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry IF:1.431 Taylor & Francis Feb.2021
4 6 Dr. A. Panimaya Valan Rakkinia and K. Mohanrajb Influence of pH of the electrolyte on the formation and properties of electrodeposited ZrSe2 thin films Inorganic and Nano-Metal Chemistry IF:0.839 Taylor & Francis April.2021
5 7 Neethu K.S, Sivaselvam S, Theetharappan M, Ranjitha J , Bhuvanesh N.S.P, Ponpandian , Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Kaveri M.V In vitro evaluations of biomolecular interactions, antioxidant and anticancer activities of Nickel(II) and Copper(II) complexes with 1:2 coordination of anthracenyl hydrazone ligands Inorganic Chimica Acta IF:2.304 Elsevier April.2021
6 8 Mrs.R.Venkada Lakshmi, Dr.C.Puthiya Sekar Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in Virudhunagar Taluk, Tamil Nadu, India by using Statistical Methods and GIS Technique Journal of the geological society of India IF:0.899 Springer May.2021
7 9 Mrs.R.Venkada Lakshmi, Velayutham Raja, Sabarathinam Chidambaram, Dr.C.Puthiya Sekar, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Industrial impact on groundwater quality with special reference to Cr2+ and Pb2+ in coastal aquifers Environmental Monitoring and Assessment with Impact Factor 1.903. Congrats. Springer June.2021
8 10 Theetharappan Murugan, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, A Water-Soluble Schiff Base Turn-on Fluorescent Chemosensor for the Detection of Al3+ and Zn2+ Ions at the Nanomolar Level: Application in Live-Cell Imaging Journal of Fluorescence IF: Springer May.2021
9 11 V.Raja, Sunil Kumar Sahoo, K.Sreekumar, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan High background radiation places and spatial distribution of uranium in groundwater of monazite placer deposit in kanniyakumari district, Tamilnadu, India Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry IF:1.137 Springer June.2021
10 12 Mrs.R.Venkada Lakshmi, Velayutham Raja, Sabarathinam Chidambaram, Dr.C.Puthiya Sekar, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Industrial impact on groundwater quality with special reference to Cr2+ and Pb2+ in coastal aquifers Environmental Monitoring and Assessment IF: 1.903. Springer June.2021


S.No S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 1 Durai Ganesh, G.Senthilkumar, Laith Ahmed Najam, V.Raja,Dr.M.A.Neelakatan and R.Ravisankar Uranium quantification in groundwater and health risk from its ingestion in and around Tiruvannamalai,Tamilnadu, India Radiation Protection Dosimetry IF: 0.831 OXFORD Academic Feb.2020
2 2 K.Karuppasamy,Dhanasekaran Vikraman, Jong Hyeok Choi,Ranjith Bose,Dr.A.Nichelson, T.Maiyalagan, Hyun-Seok Kim Hybrid lithium-ion capacitors based on novel 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(nonafluorobutanesulfonyl imide) (BMImBNFSI) ionic liquid electrolytes: a detailed investigation of electrochemical and cycling behaviors Journal of Materials Research and Technology IF:3.327 Elsevier Apr.2020
3 3 Dr.E.Ramachandran, Valentina Gandin, Roberta Bertani, Paolo Sgarbossa,K. Natarajan, Nattamai S.P. Bhuvanesh, Alfonso Venzo, Alfonso Zoleo , Mirto Mozzon , essandro Dolmella , Alberto Albinati, Carlo Castellano ,Nuno Reis Conceição, Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Novel Cu(II) Complexes of 6-Methyl-2-Oxo-1,2-Dihydroquinoline-3-Carbaldehy de-4n-Substituted hiosemicarbazones Molecules IF:3.060 Article April.2020
4 5 Dr.S. Thalamuthu, Dr.M.A. Neelakantan Trinuclear nickel(II) amino acid Schiff base complex containing phenolato and acetato bridges: Structural and functional resemblance of urease Inorganica Chimica Acta IF:2.304 Elsevier Oct.2020


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 K.S.Neethu, Jayanthi Eswaran, M.Theetharappan, S.P. Bhuvanesh Nattamai, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Kaveri M. Velusamy Organoruthenium (II) complexes featuring pyrazole- linked Schiff base ligands: Crystal structure, DNA/BSA interactions, cytotoxicity and molecular docking Applied Organometallic Chemistry IF:3.581 Wiley Jan.2019
2 K.Karuppasamy,Dhanasekaran Vikraman,In-Tae Hwang,Hyun-Jung Kim, Dr.A.Nichelson,Ranjith Bose, Hyun-Seok Kim Nonaqueous liquid electrolytes based on novel 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis (nonafluorobutane-1-sulfonyl imidate) ionic liquid for energy storage devices Journal of Materials Research and Technology IF:3.327 Elsevier Dec.2019


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, K.Balamurugan, Chithiraivel Balakrishnan, L.Subha Interaction of Amino Acid Schiff base metal complexes with DNA/BSA protein and Antibacterial activity: Spectral studies, DFT calculation and molecular docking simulations Applied Organometallic Chemistry DOI:10.1002/aoc.4259 IF : 2.452 Wiley Jan.2018
2 P.Kowsalya, S.P.Bhuvanesh Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Chemical Reactivity and Quantifying the Intra- and Intermolecular Interactions in Zwitterionic Compounds ChemistrySelect IF : 1.505. ChemPubSoc Europe Feb.2018
3 Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, C.Balakrishnan, K.Balamurugan, Dr.S.S.Mariappan Zinc (II)-N2O2 ligation complex-based DNA/protein binder and cleaver having enhanced cytotoxic and phosphatase activity Applied organometallic chemistry DOI: 10.1002/aoc.4400 IF:3.581 Wiley May.2018
4 Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Chithiraivel Balakrishnan, P.Kowsalya, V.Selvarani Experimental and theoretical studies on vanadium bromoperoxidase activity of alkyne arm dioxidovanadium(V) complex: Crystal structure, spectral studies, and DFT calculations Polyhedron DOI : 10.1016/j.poly.2018.02.009 IF : 1.926 Elsevier May.2018


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 M. Theetharappan, C. Balakrishnan, L. Suba, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Binding interaction of mixed ligand copper(II) amino acid Schiff base complexes with biological targets: spectroscopic evaluation & molecular docking Applied Organmetallic Chemistry DOI 10.1002 / aoc . 3713 IF : 2.452 Wiley Jan.2017
2 Ms.S.Gandhimathi, Mr. C.Balakrishnan, Mr. M.Theetharappan, M.A.Neelakantan, R.Venkataraman Non covalent interactions from electron density topology & Solvent effects on spectral properties of Schiff bases”, spectrochimice Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular spectroscopy Spectrochimice Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular spectroscopy, Vol No .175, Pg No 134-144, IF : 2.653 Elsevier Mar.2017
3 Chithiraivel Balakrishnan, M. Theetharappan, P. Kowsalya, Satheesh Natarajan, Dr. M.A.Neelakantan, Dr.S.S. Mariappan Biocatalysis, DNA – Protein Interactions, cytotoxicity & molecular docking of Cu(II), Ni(II), Zn (II), V (IV) Sciff base complexes Applied Organmetallic Chemistry DOI 10.1002 / aoc.3776 IF : 2.452 Wiley Mar.2017
4 S.Chithiraikumar, S.Gandhimathi, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Structural characterization, surface characteristics and non covalent interaction of a heterocyclic Schiff base : Evaluation of antioxidant potential by UV0Visible spectroscopy and DFE Journal of Molecular Structure Vol No. 1137, pg No 569-580, IF : 1.602 Elsevier 2017
5 P.Gomathy, Mr.S.Meenakshi Sundar Influence of dopant concentration on the structural, optical and magnetic properties of nickel doped SnO2 nanoparticles Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Electronics DOI 10.1007/s10854-017-7416-2 IF : 2.019 Springer Jul.2017
6 S.Chitiraikumar, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Tuning ligand vicinity towards development of Turn – on fluorescence for cadmium(II) ions under physiological pH and Bio-imaging. Sensors and Actuators B-chemical Vol.249 Pg No:235 – 245 IF : 4.758 Elsevier Oct.2017
7 Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Chithiraivel Balakrishnan Crystal structure and bio0catalytic potential of oxovanadium(IV) schiff base complexes derived from 2-hydroxy-4-(prop-2-yn-1-yloxy) benzaldehyde and alicuclic/aromatic diamines Inorganica Chimica Acta Pg.503-514 IF : 2.002 Elsevier Oct.2017
8 Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, V.Selvarani, Chithiraivel Balakrishnan, M.Theetharappan DNA/BSA binding interactions and VHPO mimicking potential of vanadium(IV) complexes: Synthesis, structural characterization and DFT studies Applied Organometallic Chemistry DOI:10.1002/aoc.4125 IF : 2.452 Wiley Oct.2017
9 S. Gandhimathi, M.Theetharappan, S.P.Bhuvanesh, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Crystal structure, theoretical and experimental electronic structure and DNA/BSA protein interactions of nickel(II) N202 tetradentate Schiff base complexes Polyhedron Vol. 138 IF : 1.926 Elsevier Dec.2017
10 Chithiraivel Balakrishnan, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Sharmila Banerjee A zwitterionic Ph responsive ESIPT-Based fluorescence “Turn-On”Al3+ ion sensing probe and its bioimaging applications Sensors and Actuators B : Chemical ISSN : 0925-4005 IF : 5.401 Elsevier Dec.2017


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 L.Sudha, C.Balakrishnan, Satheesh Natarajan, M.Theetharappan, Balanehru Subramanian, M.A. Neelakantan Water Soluble and Efficient amino acid Schiff base receptor for reversible fluorescence turn-on detection of Zn2+ ions: Quantum chemical calculations and detection of bacteria Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 153(2016) 249-256. IF:2.353 ELSEVIER Jan.2016
2 B.Annaraj, L.Mitu, M.A. Neelakantan Synthesis and crystal structure of imidazole containing amide as a turn on fluorescent probe for nickel ion in aqueous media. An experimental and theoretical investigation. Journal of Molecular Structure 1104(2016) 1-6. IF:1.602 ELSEVIER Jan.2016
3 Chithiraikumar S, Neelakantan M A Experimental and theoretical investigation of a pyridine containing Schiff base: Hirshfeld analysis of crystal structure, interaction with biomolecules and cytotoxicity Journal of Molecular Structure 1108(2016) 654-666 2015 IF:1.602 ELSEVIER Mar.2016
4 S.Gandhimathi, C.Balakrishnan, R.Venkataraman, M.A. Neelakandan Crystal Structure, solvatochromism and estimation of ground and excited state dipole moments of an allyl arm containing Schiff base: Experimental and theoretical calculations Journal of Molecular Liquids 219 (2016) 239-250 . IF:2.515 ELSEVIER Jul.2016
5 Mr.B.Annaraj, Mr.C.Balakrishnan, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Synthesis, structure information, DNA/BSA binding affinity and in vitro cytotoxic studies of mixed ligand copper(II) complexes containing a phenylalanine derivative and diimine co-ligands Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, Vol. 160 Pg No : 278-291 IF : 3.035 Elsevier Jul.2016
6 Mr.Chithiraivel Balakrishnan, Mr. Satheesh Natarajan, Dr. M.A.Neelakantan Exploration of biological activities of alkyne arms containing Cu(II) and Ni(II) complexes: syntheses, crystal structures and DFT calculations RSC Advances, Vol 6 Page No 102482-102497 IF : 3.289 RSC Oct.2016
7 Dr.M.Ravindran, Dr.M .A.Perumal Biological treatment of palm oil with anti oxidant for Energy efficient operations of transformer Biomedical Journal ISSN: 0970-938X IF : 0.2 An international of Medical Science Aug.2016


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Ms.L.Subha, Mr.C.Balakrishnan, Dr.S.Thalamuthu Mixed ligand Cu(II) complexes containing o-vanillin-L-tryptophan Schiff base and heterocyclic nitrogen bases: Synthesis, structural characterization and biological properties Journal of Coordination chemistry IF : 2.2 Taylor & Francis Feb.2015
2 Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Ms.V.Latha, Mr.C.Balakrishnan Synthesis, crystal structure and DFT studies of a dual fluorescent ketamine: Structural changes in the ground and excited states Journal of Molecular Structure, IF : 1.599 ELSEVIER Jul.2015
3 C.Balakrishnan, M.Theetharappan, Satheesh Natarajan, S.Thalamuthu, M.A.Neelakantan Fluorescence response of a thiazolidine carboxylic acid derivative for the selective and nanomolar detection of Zn(II) ions: quantum chemical calculations and application in real samples RSC Advances., 2015, 5, 105453-105463 IF:3.840 RSC Advances, ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY 2015
4 C.Balakrishnan, L.Sudha, M.A. Neelakantan, S.S. Mariappan Synthesis, spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, DFT calculations, DNA binding and molecular docking of a propargyl arms containing Schiff base Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 150(2015) 671 - 681 IF:2.353 ELSEVIER Nov.2015
5 B. Annaraj, Dr.M.A.Neelakantan Synthesis, crystal structure, spectral characterization and biological exploration of water soluble Cu(II) complexes of vitamin B6 derivative European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 102(2015) 1-8 IF:3.447 ELSEVIER Sep.2015
6 J.Ashok Kumar, S.Perumal, K.R. Murali Brush Electrodeposited AgGaSe2 Films and Their Optical Characteristics CHINESE JOURNAL OF PHYSICS VOL.53, NO.2,April 2015 IF: 0.413 THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA Apr.2015


S.No Name of the Authors (including all Co-authors) Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Name of the Publisher Month & Year
1 Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Ms.V.Latha, Mr.B.Annaraj ESIPT inspired dual fluorescent probe (Z)-3-((4-(4-aminobenzyl) phenyl) amino)-1,3- diphenylprop-2-en-1-one: Experimental and DFT based approach to photophysical properties Spectrochimica Acta Part A IF : 2.129 ELSEVIER May.2014
2 Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Mr.A.W.Jeevadasan, Dr.K.Kalidasa Murugavel Review on Schiff bases and their metal complexes as organic photovoltaic materials Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews IF : 5.63 ELSEVIER Aug.2014
3 Dr.M.A.Neelakantan, Mr.B.Annaraj Water-soluble pyridine based colorimetric chemosensor for naked eye detection of silver ion: Design, synthesis, spectral and theoretical investigation Analytical methods IF : 1.938 ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY Oct.2014
4 Mr.J.Ashok Kumar, Mr.S.Perumal, Mr.K.R.Murali Brush electrodeposited silva indium sdenido films and their optical characteristics Material Science in semi conductor processing IF : 1.761 ELSEVIER 2014

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