Science Club is the platform for the students to promote their scientific interest, realize their scientific skills and fulfil their quest in doing science activities. The club aims to organize seminars, workshops, exhibition, and quiz competition to inculcate student’s knowledge and skill in the field of science.


“Learn by Doing”


  • To inculcate scientific temper among students.
  • To provide opportunity for the development of the constructive, explorative & innovative ideas among the students.
  • To develop training in scientific method of problem solving.
  • To arouse and cultivate student’s interest and participation in the practical applications of the knowledge related to different branches of engineering.

Activities conducted through the club/Association

Organizing lectures, debates, webinars participating in seminars and symposia etc, Observing Science Day, Technology Day, birthdays of eminent scientist, visit places of scientific interest, conducting competitions like quiz, creative drawing, writing, maintaining science bulletin board, preparing album, magazine etc.

wdt_ID Member Position Members
1 No. of student volunteers 15
2 Duration of Membership 1 year
3 President A. Nithin Ivan (I Mech Engg)
4 Secretary A.Araventha Kannan (I ECE)
5 Coordinator M. Sankareswari (I CSE)
6 Faculty Coordinator Dr. B. Annaraj AP/Chem Dr. A. Panimaya Valan Rakkini AP/Phy

Awards & Achievements

Every year students actively participate in the lectures, seminars, and other competitions both in intra collegiate and intercollegiate level and win prizes.

S.No Year of the activity Name of the Activity
1 2022-23 Organized a seminar on ‘Creative problem solving’ for 1st B.E/B.Tech students on 19.12.2022 The chief guest of this program was Mr.P.M.Devarajan who is ZED Consulant-Quality Council of India. Totally 49 students attended this program
2 2022-23 Conducted a program ‘Drawing Competition: CREATE YOUR IMAGINATIONS – Science and Technology for Sustainable Future’ to all B.E/B.Tech students on 17.09.2022. Drawings were displayed. 35 students were participated in the event
3 2022-23 Debate on: India’s Pride at 75 is due to *Progress in Science & Tech *Progress in Literacy *Progress in Economy *Powerful Defence *Gender Justice, Conducted on 08.08.2022. Around 60 students and faculty members attended the programme.

S.No Year of the activity Name of the Activity
1 2021-22 On the remembrance of Thiru Kalvithanthai K. Ramasamy, we conducted competitions for B.E/B.Tech students on 09.09.2021. Power Point Presentation, Drawing, and Photography events were conducted. 75 students actively participated in the events. Certificates were issued to the winners.
2 2021-22 Arranged a program ‘SCI-LINK UP’ to I year B.E/B.Tech students on 28.01.2022. Images were displayed and participants narrated the scientific story related to that particular image. 88 students were participated in the event.
3 2021-22 Celebrated “National Science day” on 24.2.2022 & 25.2.2022 with I year B.E/B.Tech students. There are 4 events were conducted like Battle of science, Scrambled words, Drawing and Science Model Presentations. 85 students have participated in all the events.
4 2021-22 Celebrated “National Technology day” on 14.05.2022 to I year B.E/B.Tech students. Various Technical events like, civilores Picturization, Electronic minds, Speed it up and coding forces were conducted. Around 150 students have participated in all the events.

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