EIE Research

Research Activities

S.No Details About Total
1 Faculty Strength 17
2 No of Ph.D Holders 05
3 No of Ph.D Supervisor 04
4 No of Faculty Members Pursuing Ph.D 07
5 No of External Faculty Members pursuing Ph.D 12

Ph.D Supervisors

S.No Name of the Supervisor Research Area Ref.No
1 Dr.B. Sankaragomathi Digital Image Processing 2730004
2 Dr. D. Santhi Image processing 2840120
3 Dr. S. Manikandan Image processing 2740155
4 Dr.R. Arun Control and Instrumentation 2930006

Research papers published

S.No Details About Total
1 Number of National/ International Journals 79
2 Number of International Conferences 47
3 Number of National Conferences 10

Sponsored Research Projects

S.No Title of the Project Principal and Co Investigators Funding Agency Period Amount (Rs.)
1 “Development of Hall Sensor array based Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) system for non- destructive image and evaluation of localized defects in ferromagnetic steam generator tubes” Dr.A.Abudhahir (PI) Prof. & Head Mr.Jackson Daniel CI) Asso. Prof. Mr.V.Suresh (CI) Asst. Prof.(SG) BRNS, Mumbai 2011 –2014 23,56,900/-
2 Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy by feature extraction from retinal images Dr.D.Manimegalai (PI) Prof. & Head / IT Mrs.D.Santhi (CI) Asst. Prof. (SG) /EIE ICMR, New Delhi 2012 –2015 13,09,271/-
3 Modernization of Measurements and Instrumentation laboratory Chief Coordinator Dr. A. Abudhahir AICTE, New Delhi 2012 – 2013 6,00,000/-

Research Centre

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has been recognized as Research Centre by Anna
University, Chennai.

Research Activities

S.No Name Guide Name(s) Research Field Month & Year of Regn Awarded
1 Dr.B.Sankaragomathi Dr.L.Ganesan Digital Image Processing 2002 2010
2 Dr.D.Santhi Dr.D.Manimegalai Digital Image Processing 2007 2014
3 Dr.S.Manikandan Dr.K.Ramar Information and Communication and Medical Brain Image Segmentation 2009 2015
4 Dr.K.Shankar Dr.A.Abudhahir Biomedical Engineering 2009 2017
5 Dr.R.Arun Dr.J.Prakash Control and Instrumentation Jul 2009 2014
6 Mr.I.Jackson Daniel Dr.A.Abudhahir Non Destructive Testing july 2010 Thesis Submitted
7 Mr.V.Suresh Dr.A.Abudhahir Non Destructive Testing Jan 2011 Thesis Submitted
8 Mr.T.Ramakrishnan Dr.B.Sankaragomathi Bio-Medical Image Processing Jan 2011 Thesis Submitted
9 Mrs.M.Carmel Sobia Dr.A.Abudhahir Image Processing July 2010 Synopsis submitted
10 Mrs.J.Babitha Thangamalar Dr.A.Abudhahir Transducer Linearization July 2010 Synopsis submitted