About FDS


Facilitating and promoting the professional formation of all the faculty members through a scholarly and inter-disciplinary approach to learning and teaching, research and practice, and professional development.


  • To facilitate in defining the short term goals(in line with vision and mission) to be achieved in three years for college and each department.
  • To frame competency matrix for faculty in different cadre to achieve these goals.
  • To set the mechanism for analyzing the competency level and to assess the competency gaps of every faculty members.
  • To facilitate in arranging faculty training programmes to fill the competency gap for the faculty of various departments of different cadres and domains.
  • To set the mechanism for assessing the progress of the college and department in achieving their short term goals every year.
  • To set the mechanism for reviewing and redefining the short term goals after the stipulated time period.
  • To bring smooth transition in teaching learning process from present passive learning to active learning process and to standardize the practice uniformly in all the departments.