Infrastructure Facilities

  • Class Rooms – 8 Nos. (6 UG + 2 PG)
  • Elective Class Rooms – 4 Nos.
  • Laboratories – 8 Nos.
  • Seminar Hall – 1 No.
  • Department Library
  • HOD + Dept. Office Room – 1 No.
  • Staff Rooms – 11 Nos.
  • Gents Rest Rooms – 2 Nos.
  • Ladies Rest Rooms – 2 Nos.


[Worth Rs. 3.14 Crores approximately]

The department infrastructure and laboratory are being upgraded to facilitate students’ learning skills like problem solving, creative thinking and experience integrated design of the systems, open ended experiments, mini projects and course projects. The details of the laboratories in the department are:

Electrical Workshop

Lab In-charges:

Mr. G.Kannayeram, AP(SG)/EEE
Mr. S.Sankarakumar, AP(SG)/EEE

  • This is the most basic and essential laboratory which is being used by the first-year students of all branches of engineering and technology.
  • This laboratory is well equipped with all kinds of electrical accessories to practice single phase and three phase house wiring, electrical terminals, soldering iron, working and assembling of the fan, iron box in order to perform the whole gamut of experiments as per the prescribed syllabus of the course on basic electrical and electronics engineer

Electrical Machines Laboratory

Lab In-charges:

Dr.M.Ravindran, Asso.Prof.(SG)/EEE
Mr.T.Sivakumar, AP/EEE

The laboratory has DC machines, Induction Motor and Generator, Synchronous Motor, Salient and Non-Salient Alternators, Switched Reluctance Motor and their simulated models, DC Rectifiers, Programmable Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Indoor Type Transformer, Electrical Machine Tutor, Phase shifting Transformer, Winding Study Motor and DC Drive Control Panel.

Applied Electronics Laboratory

Lab In-charges:

Mr.M.P.E.Rajamani, AP(SG)/EEE
Mr.M.Gengaraj, AP/EEE
Ms.P.MohanaLatha, AP/EEE

  • This laboratory is well equipped with apparatus related to Network Theorems, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits, Power Measurement, Power Supplies, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators etc.
  • Complete Power Electronics experimentation and analysis related to AC & DC drives, AC to DC Converter, DC to AC Converter, Drive control, Choppers and FPGA based Inverter fed AC Drive, FPGA based buck-boost converter fed drive and SRM drive can be done in this laboratory.
  • This laboratory is being used by the under-graduate students of all branches of Engineering and technology. This lab is also equipped with computers for transient and simulation studies.

Control And Instrumentation Laboratories:

Lab In-charges:

Mr.R.Muniraj, AP(SG)/EEE
Mr.G.Sivapalanirajan, AP/EEE
Ms.E.Anitha, AP/EEE

  • This laboratory has three different sections, namely, Simulation Section, PC Interfacing Section and Workbench.
  • In the Workbench, students are utilizing the basic equipment like Sensors, Transducers, Process Variable Measurement Modules, PID Controller Unit, Torque Measurements, Synchros, AC & DC Position control systems, Calibration of single and three phase Energy Meters.
  • In the simulation section, simulation of analysis and design of control system in time and frequency domain have been carried out using computers. In the PC interfacing section, PC interfacing is carried out using Data Acquisition Cards along with Lab View Software with NI ELVIS II simulator.
  • This section also has Twin Rotor MIMO system (TRMS) which is established by AICTE funded project.

Microprocessor And Microcontroller Laboratory

Lab In-charges:

Mr.N.B.Prakash, Asso.Prof./EEE
Mr.B.Venkatasamy, AP/EEE
Mr.F.Antony Jeffrey Vaz, AP/EEE

This laboratory is equipped with 8085/8086 Microprocessor, 8051 Microcontrollers, PIC, Arduino, Raspberry-Pi Microcontrollers and various interface cards such as traffic light controller, stepper motor interfacing, ADC & DAC Interfacing Cards, keyboard and digital controllers, DSP kit, FPGA based motor controller.

Research Simulation Laboratory

Lab In-charges:

Dr.L.Kalaivani, Asso.Prof.(SG)/EEE
Ms.K.Gowthami, AP/EEE

  • This laboratory houses latest configuration systems. These computer systems have been loaded with various application software like ETAP Power Station, PSCAD/EMTDC, COSMOL, ANSYS, MATHCAD, PSIM and MATLAB with tool boxes.
  • It has the Internet facility at the speed of 161 Mbps (LAN & WIFI) with leased line.
  • The students of Under-graduation carry out their final year projects in this laboratory and the students of Post-graduation and Doctoral degree programmes carry out their research work in this laboratory.

High voltage laboratory:

Lab In-charges:

Dr.R.V.Maheswari, Asso.Prof./EEE
Mr.P.SamuelPakianathan, AP/EEE
Mr.S.Divya, AP/EEE

  • This laboratory is an active centre for research in Dielectric Materials, Insulation Systems, High Voltage and related phenomenon.
  • This laboratory also offers commercial testing and consultancy service.
  • It has the state-of-the-art facilities like 100kV AC, 140kV DC and 280kV Impulse Generation, Measurement and Testing, Partial Discharge Detector Interfacing with DSO, Loss Tangent Measurement and Measurement of Breakdown strength of Solid/Liquid/Gaseous dielectrics and Power Quality Analyzer.

Liquid Dielectrics Laboratory:

Lab In-charges:

Mr.S.Senthil Kumar, AP/EEE
Mr.M.Bakrutheen, AP/EEE

  • This laboratory is established under Department of Science and Technology.
  • This lab has the facility of UV Spectroscopy for characterization of the optical changes that occur on aging, Tan Delta measurement, Viscosity meter, Flash and Fire point measurement, Digital Denso Meter, Pour Point Apparatus, Thermal Ageing Chamber Magnetic Stirrer and Ultrasonicator for condition monitoring of liquid dielectrics.

Computer Centre:

Lab In-charges:

Dr.L.Kalaivani, Asso.Prof.(SG)/EEE
Ms.K.Gowthami, AP/EEE

  • This laboratory holds current configuration systems with high speed internet facility. Computer centre is a multipurpose laboratory with advanced software such as ETAP POWER STATION, PSCAD/EMTDC, MATHCAD & VISSIM PE, MATLAB (R2015A) AND COSMOL.
  • The laboratory is equipped with 40 computer systems supported by HP-Intel Xeon E5-2407 server and provisions are made for 100 systems with networking.
  • It has the internet facility at the speed of 161 Mbps (LAN & WIFI) with leased line.
  • The lab has 20 KVA UPS facility to afford uninterrupted power supply facility.
  • The undergraduate students utilize the internet and the advanced software tool facilities with their laptops and computers available in the computer centre.

Class Room Facilities

  • The class rooms are facilitated with 49 inches smart television apart from regular class room tools

Seminar Hall

  • The department has facilitated by seminar hall with smart board and multimedia system. The seminar hall having seating capacity of 150 students.
  • It is used as smart class room as well as seminar presentation and placement activities.

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